Higher education of cost and management Accountant for the Growth of Economy

(Naba Hashmi, )

Higher crime is arising in the society .economic crises significantly awakened in the world. Due to unemployment.

Growth of economy is based on natural resources and finance.

An industry provides employment to labor and educated class. Banking industry has vacancy for educated class.an industry plays a crucial role in the establishment growth of economy and sustainability of business.an organization requires huge amount of investment for running.

Long term financial planning and management
Long term financial planning include strategic decision such as investment appraisal, finance decision, budgeting process the uses of activity based costing information , overcome to constraints on financial strategy , forecasting and analysis, working capital management,dividend policy. Strategies of finance in the light of surah ash-shuraverse 38,

In Islamic perspective the empowerment means the shuratic decision making of all levels of the society.it applies collectively to the decision making on social matters. Such a cure of shura is closed to its meaning in the Quran. “ and who (conduct) their affairs by mutual consultation (42:38) . according to Quran human beings should fully participate in decision making and implementation in the life. This statement explains the importance of empowerment.

Icmap is a mentor of management accountants. Cma is complete knowledge of strategies of finance . PHD in finance and Cost and management Accountant both have same knowledge.

A management accountant plays a vital and dynamic role for the Growth of economy. The specialization of management Accountant are the strategies of management and long term financial planning for the organization by the survey of Robert half.

Affiliation of ICMAP
In the international federation of Accountant, south Asian federation of accountant, Confederation of Asian and pacific accountant.

High grades of those in the light of HOLY Quran ,they make employment opportunities for others .surah Al-zukh’ruf verse 32.

Do they distribute the mercy of your lord ?it is we who have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of this world and have raised some of them above others in degrees [ of rank] that they make use of one another for service. But the mercy of your lord is better than whatever they accumulate.

Vision of the management accountants, to manage long term finance for the organization and increase employment opportunities.


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