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Man has bounded rationality – he equips or enhances his knowledge with the interaction of other people. Similarly, a teacher, especially a class-room teacher, needs the feedback of the students so that he could prepare his lecture accordingly. Students’ classroom feedback plays an important role not only for the teachers’ community, but also for the management of the schools all over the world. With their feedback, the management of the school with the consultation of the teachers make strategic planning in the literacy field that is not only beneficial for the students of the world, but also helpful for the nations.

 Students’ classroom feedbacks display the weakness of students as well as teachers. Through this approach both side teachers and students try to remove their weaknesses by way of boosting their knowledge by way of drain information because no one is perfect in his knowledge.

Teachers and students spend much time of their life in the literacy field so their day in and day out efforts to impart and to get knowledge plays a vital role in building up the society that leads to a welfare , development and strong state. Further, the interaction between teachers and students and the approach of knowledge sharing creates an enabling environment in the society and as a whole in the country.

The feedback habit or approach of students not only boosts the knowledge up of teachers, but also their feedback helps them out of stagnating position in order to play a robust role in society. The society benefits from their knowledge and approaches and in the long run, some of them play the key roles in the development of the country.

Classroom feedback of students creates a strong relationship between the students and teachers that enhances the moral approaches of the students. This also creates a friendly environment in the educational institutions and helps out in building up the characters of the students.

The continuous response of students of classroom solves multiple critical issues relating to education by way of brainstorming as both teachers and the students are deeply involved in the brainstorming in order to resolve the issues and the conflicts.

The last, but not the least, the feedback of students creates discipline in the education sector.

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