Love Letter

(Azra, Wah)

Dear Janoo.
I do remember your first love letter , although there was no need of the letter ,air could brought the signals , The movement of eyes could speak thousands of words and heartbeat was the music played on other heart ,there was interheart connection in place of internet. Today when I am around 60 and you are seventy, still I am younger than you , it makes me happy and I feel as young as 16 years old. Again I want to repeat our love story ,the days I wish may come back with the same feelings, I again want you to play my heartbeat , I want to see my old face young in mirror . Do you remember the days ,when starting our love, you saw me in veil ,only eyes were necked , your eyes send the message and it was faster than the massage of what's app . Again my heart is pleading for the same silence where only eyes should speak and the music I want the heart beat , I want to speak again no words . Again ,among lots of people I want me to see only you . The letters you wrote , I read them hundreds of time and kissed them thousands of time , the flowers you gave have been old and dry like my skin but the fragrance is still fresh like my love for you. Do you remember , I never ever prayed and wished for any thing from God as I begged for you ,not calculated the tears fell for you , finally my request sanctioned and God made the impossible into possible, we got married. I felt my self flying in the air , the souls of us were physically together , now we could speak with words , feelings could wear the words and the eyes were not only the messenger of heart. We cared about each other, I cared your dresses, cooked tasty meal, gave home a new look and in your side was the hardwork ,fulfilling the needs of comfort life but in all that we were a bit lost ,we were standing far a side like opposites of river banks then God created a bridge, a baby to restore our love. Now our love was passing through our baby . I felt the strong love bonding , you were not only my beloved but also the father of my baby and of course you felt the same . Never know from when the harden relationship went cracked , we spoke to fight, our eyes were speaking melody of anger ,heart beat was fast due to anxiety. communication gap brought uncomforting, misunderstanding ,stress , so many physical and mental problems . We started blaming each other ,we thought may be the love is over and we are bound because of our children but now kids have flown to their destiny and we are left behind ,living under one roof but, wearing the coats of ego ,having a bundles of complains ,remembering the old days but not showing each others. Oh my dear ! The life is going to end ,come and start loving again , my less ,white hair waiting for red flower , my eyes are waiting to speak with your eyes .my heart beat want to play the same music. Dear ! reset or boot the love . We are old but the love never becomes old nor destroy ,don’t fold it in ego sheet . I want to know ,do you still love me? Then say me “ I love you “ this is not only a sentence but an agreement of two heats living always together .A cup of tea with the memories of school time and our first sight love are awaiting for you in lounge.
Waiting for your reply.
Yours jaani

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