(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Rawalpindi Development Authority has declared 48 legal Housing societies which are working in the Rawalpindi District that it has proved their site plan. These societies have obtained NOC from the RDA. All the said information you can receive from RDA website. If you have interested to buy own house or plot in the district, Rawalpindi. If you have to pretend that you will buy house in the Housing societies than it mandatory to ascertain the authenticity of particular scheme. That it is your constitutional right to ascertain particular information which is directly link into your property.

Approximately, 64 illegal Housing Societies has been developing Housing Scheme even advertisement to attract public at large in the district Rawalpindi. The investors has been taken own interest they cannot take care about other interest. That type of Housing Schemes is called Mafia. They can gain property on cheaper rate and sale on higher price. If they get success to approve their site plan than they demand sweet prices in the name of development charges which has been increased 4 to 5 Lack per plot. This act of Housing Scheme is not being tolerated in the existing tenure.

What is impact of Illegal Housing Scheme?

First of all, you cannot easily get Sui Gas connection even electricity. That the two agencies have been checked your (NOC on specified area) before installation any connection. All the water drainage charges are directly upon your shoulder. No facility has been provided from the government. Even you cannot appropriate forum to file your grievances or getting relief. Secondly, you cannot file petition in any district even High Court against the illegal society. So you can save your money and invest money before thoroughly investigation. Thirdly, who can buy house from these illegal Housing schemes has been suffering loss or mental agony.

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