Be Unique

(Muhammad Afnan Wattoo, Pakpattan)

A question was always roaming in my mind,
Why Eagle is the king of birds?
I never ask people to answer me rather I ask to books for answerers and at last I was successful in getting the satisfactory answer.
I read that,
When storm comes all other birds try to hide them or try to save them from storm by going back to their nests or anywhere on the earth to save them. But an Eagle differentiate itself by using the storm power to go higher and higher and even above the storm. He is saving himself from storm now but no other bird is there, and that is the thing that made him king.
Like other birds he didn't disarm himself to get shelter somewhere on the earth rather he challenged the difficulty with his will power and got higher than the difficulty's area of influence.
This gives a lesson to human too. This tell us how to be unique and how to become leader. How to deal with the situation and how to differentiate yourself from the herd.

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آپ کی رائے
Yah but here is the number of such heroes is less everyone pretend themselves like knights but at the time of difficulty they become pigeon
By: Kubra khan , Mianwali on Mar, 23 2020
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