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There is lots of debate on this topic. But I have touch only relevant issues under the three categories i.e constitution, Federal courts and Quran. First we look in the eye of constitutional setup in Pakistan.

1. Constitutional Law: Our constitution protects the rights of citizen of Pakistan. The Article 2 to 28 is defined the fundamental rights of the people. However, they can be suspended in the emergency otherwise they shall implement as its natural spirit. Now come to the topic “My body my choice” is western slogan. It came from western culture which is not interlinked with Pakistani culture. It is a big difference among two cultures. No western ideology was accepted by the Muslim at the time of independence. Pakistan is Islamic state and Islamic rules and values are adhered to. The constitution 1973 is allowed the people to peaceful demonstrate for its own rights. Our constitution treaty equally men and women on the basis of equity. Our constitutional does not allow gender basis discrimination at all. The net result is become an issue which I have spared upon you.

2. Federal Courts in Pakistan:

The Islamabad High court has allowed women march according to the constitution. But the condition imposes upon play cards or banners which it should decent manner. A person who has filed the petition even avail the writ jurisdiction of the high court is foolish. Because high courts in Pakistan is constitutional jurisdiction. They have no right to decide sharia laws in Pakistan. The Federal shariat court is available for Islamic matters even best forum. This matter is relevant to the Islamic principles i.e Quran and Haidth. I think that this matter it shall bring into the Federal shariat courts but not to adhere.


I have quoted the reference of Sura-al- Noor in Quran in which is defined the category of women and men especially those who have committed sins. I have quoted the reference of Sura Al-Nisa which is defined the rights of women. The sura Al-Aazeb has been defined the way of women how they perform in the societies especially message of women tones whenever talk to other man may strict. Almost all women who have participated in this march must read this Sura before passing any comments in favor of above title. My body is my choice is wrong slogan. This body is one day in the graveyard. If this body is yours and choice may protect from graveyard or death. It is definitely you will not do so. Islamic has been inheritance rights to the women not only from father side even husband side too. This right is not available to man. Even right of divorce is available of Muslims women but this right is not available to other religion i.e Hindu and Christian etc.

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