Grooming of an upcoming child

(Fiaz ahmad, Faisalabad)

In 2013, I was blessed with daughter, she was healthy but with due course of time , her health started to degenerate and doctors declared her as CP child . It was an alarming situation for me because I had to spend most of my off duty time in her care. We decided to send our eldest son for tuition in class 6. Due to not catering his activities , he had a company of bad guys. My daughter died after three years but my son even had tendency to show arragant behaviour with family and in class also. I was perturbed to know his activity. Here I will share that how I tackled him. 1. I use to take him for dinner outside. 2. I identified his friends and kept him aloof from them. 3 I tasked her mother to give him time.4. I try to make him social by taking him to family gatherings. 5. We held family meetings daily to keep him engaged . 6. We made a schedule of his whole day. 7. On sunday's, we watched movies. Thus , his attitude changed a lot. I concluded that children as much as attention and time of their as anything else in life.

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