Truth of the Matter

(Hassan Ali, Rawalpindi)

Whether you're a conservative or a liberal, this article won't disappoint you. We are talking about the rift between the two schools of thought: one that supports liberalism and other that's in favor of a strict religious system. Let's first talk about the universal truth that everyone agrees upon, which is about the gruesome condition of women in general; most women are still not allowed to study in different areas of our country, and many suffer from acid attack. Hence, there are many issues and deprivations of rights all over the society, that need to be addressed, but the slogans which we all have seen in those protests are mostly vulgar and the general narrative of these so-called "Liberals" is no-way near to the actual issues. Most of those slogans are linked to sexuality and promote indecency in society, which in a country like ours can never be tolerated because first, it's an Islamic State and then a Democratic State. If these women's rights activists are nonetheless willing to continue their protests, then they should focus on the real issues, and instead of slogans, real practical work should be done about these affairs.

Now let's talk about the growing intensity of intolerance in our community; few Mullahs have taken the role upon themselves to be the caretaker of religion and have formulated a set scheme of their own to declare someone a "Kafir" or putting fake accusations on people. The Conservatives Group needs to develop tolerance in themselves because their absurd narrative is creating havoc in society and making people do things in the name of Islam, which has nothing to do in our religion. If you're living in Pakistan, it's most probable that you're a part of either of the two factions because we're a divided nation and confused between religion and society. A society like ours, which is based on certain moral values has nothing in it for liberalism because our society is jammed with conservatives, that I already mentioned, have their own set of beliefs and parameters, through which they judge other people. So, in short, both the groups either of liberals or conservatives need to develop tolerance, and should at least have the audacity, to listen to, what the other faction is demanding. Both the groups here are wrong because they're promoting intolerance and hostility, their supporters, on the other hand, are also abusing each other with no regard for any respect whatsoever. The lead players in the campaign of Liberalism have taken the help of Social Media, posting indecent slogans and demanding with utter disrespect their so-called “Rights.” The Conservatives are also not holding onto anything; videos are being posted on social media platforms to influence against those protestors. We should neither be a conservative to declare someone a "Kafir" due to our own set of beliefs, nor we should be a liberal to promote vulgarism in the name of women's rights and follow the west which has nothing in it for a Muslim. Though, intolerance in our society is nothing new; however, now it's time to break those stereotypes and start resolving our differences like other democratic countries; through dialogue.

About women's equality, I'll conclude my writing with the example of Bano Qudsia and let the readers conclude the result of their own about the rights and equality of women. Bano Qudsia, when asked in an interview about how she felt when Ashfaq Ahmed passed away, said: "I felt like I've been deprived of my headwear (Chaddar,) Ashfaq used to do every small thing in the house himself and never asked for anything..."

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