The price of silence

(Muhammad Saleem Baloch, Karachi)

The price of silence:
According to Newton's third law of motion," For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". The reaction is natural and inevitable and it is applicable in all situations and is also unanimously agreed and acknowledged. The reason behind starting my point via a scientific reference is to let all and sundry that whatever we do bounces back to us as a reaction. The word lockdown may be novice for most of us and it may be a word read and heard in print, electronic and social media. There is a subtle difference between sympathy and empathy, in order to feel something one has to be in someone's shoes otherwise it's just a formality to offer hollow words. The world must be realising the true meaning of lockdown as they are going through it. For the last few years Muslim ummah has been targeted through bombardment, incarceration, mutilation and deprivation of their basic economic, social and religious rights but the world in general and we as Muslims kept a mum in particular. Why? Because our doorstep wasn't ablaze and we assumed ourselves safe! Again the world in general and we in particular stayed as silent spectators. It can't be gainsaid that in the current era we all are living, we are at the pinnacle of development with unprecedented inventions. On the other side, we are also witnessing that a flu like virus outbreak with a crown shape is uncrowning the so called kings of the world and brought all the world to its knees. Still nothing is lost if we reflect on the global scenario and act upon the teachings of Islam and sunnah of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) which is the panacea for all the maladies and problems. To capitulate my message, I would say it's time we compensated for being silent and repent for our sins and wrongdoings by turning to Allah before we return to Him.

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