What is Corona virus disease ?

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Corona virus is nourishing in the throat. The dry coughing is good for corona to attack. Corona virus is the problem of Respiratory i.e lungs. A person who has infected this disease may feel pain in his chest. The chest pain or dry coughing is the symptom of the corona virus. The pain in chest and dry coughing is more than 7-14 days are essential for this disease. Those who have already involved in chest pain or lungs disease may care more than before. If doctor recommend for test then do it. People who have fever are not coronavirus. This virus is capacity to exist for 72 hours in the air. This virus is spreads easily even transmitting into others. A person who have been sneezing at anywhere may be transmitted this disease into other. A person who has vascular diseases may infect this virus easily. The people of different age group may infect this disease i.e above 50 years and less than 05 year is easily affected. It is only cure to use vitamin-C to protect your body. This disease came from animals, pets or those who have work under poultry industry or animal industry may transmit this diseases.

Corona virus is pandemic which is spreading around 172 countries in the world. This pandemic is trial for all the human being. China and Italy are most affected countries around the world. Corona virus needs particular environment to spread its germs even transfer to the others. All the regions that have 24 to 27 degree temperature may infect this virus. This virus is dangerous in winter seasons. A person who has been infected from corona virus may not to eat ice cream and cold drinks. That why our government has imposed banned on especially, Mosque, mob, cinema, private sector i.e local transport, international Airlines and working environment and educational institutions to open 5th of April, 2020 or until further order. The government has taken the precautionary measure to educate people not to gathering up to five people at one place. The following precautionary measure should adhere for protection from pandemic (corona) virus as under:-

i. To use face mask
ii. Washing hands for 20 seconds or use sanitizer in workplace
iii. Take stream to protect yourself from coughing
iv. Hot drinks i.e. Tea, coffee is useful
v. Hot temperature may suppress spread of Coronavirus
vi. Not to shaky hands with others
vii. Not to go anywhere in the crowd
viii. Drinking water
ix. Sun light is useful impact upon the patient
x. Some Distance from patient is essential for self-protection
xi. Honey bee is more useful for relief from chest pain and coughing


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