Defeat Failure And Meet Success

(Sadia Ijaz Hussain, Lahore,University oF Education)

What you Think, You Become !

In quarantine days, I am reading the book, Grow and Think Rich by Nepolean Hill.As I read it leaf by leaf, the astonishing and impressive book starting to reveal its secrets.It is about how thinking and persistence dreaming force you to acheive what you really want .
If you are success conscious you will get success and if you are failure conscious you will fail.
I start to examine if it really works?

I started to meditate and connected it with my past pages of life and I was flabbergasted that yes !it really works.
Thinking has power! It forces you to connect things, It forces you to find, create , imagine and believe.
In the past pages of history if you examine you will know that every big event that creates a parmanent and great expression in the pages of world is just because they dreamt and believed in their dreams.

But let me tell you! most of the people dream but do not able to carry out what they dream actually, it is just because they give up on the way even they don't know the secret that failures convince the people to give up ! because success wants to meet those who are capable of meeting success, who know that failure is just an illusion that is framed by the success. What a tricky, success is !
The point where most of us give up is the point where success meet to some one.
I am youtuber and being a youtuber i want that most of audience watch my channel and get the message that i want to deliver through my poetries and videos but at somepoints I think that i should deactivate my channel as response is not good then suddenly a thought arose in my mind and I told myself "Give up is not an option".
As Muniba Mazri Said
" Failure should be an Option but to give up Is not an option ".

Tell yourself today what you want to become and call yourself by that title as regarding my seld i call my seld "Writer " and in future nature will help you but remember your hardworking , your consistency , your passion and clear purpose , aim will win that title.

Our thinking is toxic, our vision is unclear , our goals are actually in on concession mode. We ourselves give ourself a concession over our dreams. We become lazy after getting a good reward in our journey even we do not work for our treasures that is hidden in this world.Be clear that you have to say "No " to small rewards for Big treasures.
For example Mr. A had been wanted to become judge , he did LLB and then become a lawyer. He gave himself a concession that to become a lawyer is good even he did not try to become a judge .Now his own journey distract him. This is nature tricks that it only reveal itself to those who has definite thinking and dream in getting definite purposes, we have to say no to the treasure but to enter in destiny we have to enter through even from a small and unwanted earth.
We need to clearify ourselves first.
Our mind needs to clean with spunge of constructive thinking.
Dears !dirt is not outside its dwells inside, slavery is not outside its inside.Royals think theirselves as royals, when slavery rebels from inside the great kings born , great leaders born , the great thinkers born. Servants can become leaders if they feel themselves leaders. Thinking has power !We ourselves, our thinking block the way of success .
It starts when we start to compensate over things!
When we become okay for what is happening !
When we indeed give up in our thinking from there the doors of next ways will close.
Thinking has power it can mold you into king or into servant, it is now in your brain.
...Writer Sadia Ijaz Hussain

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*Think and Grow Rich
By: Sadia Ijaz Hussain, Lahore,University oF Education on Mar, 28 2020
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