Poverty reduction

(Shahzad Ismail, Walt)


Education is one of the most important in all SDGs. It can grow any county very fast, whether it is socially and economically, by getting education people can know their rights, they can survive in any society positively and education will help in getting jobs and people become better citizens and develop a good society.

In any society poverty is the root cause of corruption and social evils, The Majority of the world’s people and nations are poor if poverty ends, almost 80% problems of the society will be solved automatically and poor countries will be able to develop their resources for development.

Six billion people out of the total world population do not have basic facilities of life including 40% of those individuals who are passing their life below poverty. Poverty eradication on the biggest challenges. No nation or race has been destroyed, in the world, due to war or terrorism. The challenges, today the world is facing with humanity, are the scarcity of resources along with increasing the human population. As well as the temperature of the earth planet is increasing due to the increasing quantity of Carbon Dioxide. This is called global warming. On the other side increasing the temperature of the earth's planet due to human beings is causing dangerous disasters. Poor are getting more poor and rich people People are also suffering from natural disasters. Every year millions of people are becoming homeless, suffering from hunger due to unexpected huge floods, earthquakes, drought and worst river floods. Stockholders should control the environment otherwise we gotta face dangerous natural disasters further. National governments should develop a practical plan and implement rapid and sustained economic growth in real policies and programs. Countrywide governments should improve the management of water and other natural resources and offer all people with access to basic social services. International organizations should encourage countries to engage in trade with the easy process as a path out of poverty and empower people living in poverty.

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