Allah Mercy Upon Us May Allah Protect us all From Corona Virus.

(Dr.shamshad sahiba, Bahawalpur)

O Allah O turner of the hearts makes my heart steadfast and firm upon your dean. If you want to live your life after you die so live according Allah’s will before death. Allah causes to hear whom he wills. Remember Allah Taalah is not ignorant of what you do. ( Surah Albaqara) In surah Ibrahim Allah said not ever think that Allah knows nothing of what the erroneous does do..(surah Ibrahim). And when I am ill he is who cures me. Every Muslim strongly belief that the disease from Allah and healing is from Allah. There is only one who makes this world and we all believe strongly that Allah is one.

Prophet PBUH said, create easy for people, do not be constrained, comfort people, don’t make people hate with each other. Nowadays the whole world is infected with the corona virus. An Islamic country like Pakistan is also facing the corona virus. People are suffering from anxiety and fear because of lockdown. School, colleges and universities all educational institutions are closed. Business in the markets has declined. Even peoples cannot go to the mosque to offer pray. The government is responsibility all possible to guard the people. As Muslim we must remember that Allah has said for both medicine and prayer, and the healing is indeed from Allah. We must understand that what is happening in the world cannot happen without the permission of Allah. Indeed, in everything of Allah meditation is hidden. No leaf of a tree fall without the Allah permission. No illness or injury touches the human being without the approval of Allah.He has over power all things. Man,s job is to follow the straight path that Allah has given him. It is necessary to protect ourselves from all these things and from the evils that led to the destruction of the past nations like the nation of Aad and Hood. Bygone nations were convoluted in many erroneous activities. Some involved in worshiping false Gods, some involved in shirk and cruel ruler, some were dishonest in doing business. Other evils like theft, wickedness, dishonesty, bribe, rights to be killed, loss of daughters inheritance injustice, insensitivity,repression, hitting the poor and to accuse others to honor the rich because of his wealth. Today, it is necessary that we follow the path of Allah Almighty and strictly follow and obey the commands of Allah Almighty.
1- Hold the rope of Allah firmly
2- Make the way of the Truth
3- Have mercy on people
4- To be honest
5- Pay the rights of the family
6- Do justice to your profession
7- Have mercy on the poor
8- Earn halal provision
9- Beware of lying
10- Do good and have good
11- Respect parents and teachers
12- Keep the intention clear and good
13- Try to avoid evil
14- Support the truth
15- Fear God in your heart
16- Learn to distinguish right and wrong
17- Avoid bribery
18- Keep your thoughts clean and clear
19- Take the way of God
20- Take care of your peers
21- Pay parental rights
22- Pay the rights of neighbours
23- Take care of your wife,s childrens rights
24- Work for the security of your country
25- Have mercy on the creatures of Allah
26- Always be morally upright
27- Be kind to children
28- Always be honest with your profession
29- Support the truth
30- Always guard against evil
31- Never give up on the right of others
32- You must keep improving yourself
33- Avoid criticizing others indiscriminately
34- The works of good must spread
35- Avoid jealousy always
36- Take care of the rights of orphans
37- Take care of the rights of widows and poors
38- Take secial care of the handicapped and the disable
39- Take special care of cleaning
40- Along with cleaning your body cleaning your thought is very important
41- Cleanliness is called half faith
42- Think good and speak well and practice it
43- Allah is always with his righteous peoples
44- Pay the rights of people
45- Obey the rights of Allah
46- Try to avoid every evil
47- Whatever you advice others do it yourself
48- Teachers should not misbehave with their students and do not kill their rights.
49- Observe the five times prayer
50- Everyone should improve themselves
51- Avoid frustration
52- Create an atmosphere of love and sympathy
53- Elimanate the evil on the first step
54- Provide goodness
55- Encourage good honest people
56- Have absolute faith in Allah Almighty
57- Do not harm anyone right
58- Be contented
59- Avoid temptation Remember there is ease after every difficulty
60- Life is only in the hands of Allah
61- Have absolute trust in the Allah
62- Pray to Allahto protect us from wandering
63- Avoid Satanic whispers
64- Sharing the suffering of others
65- Sharing the happiness
66- Become an ambassador of peace and security
67- Do welfare work for the masses
68- Seek repentance from Allah

These are the blessings that Allah has created by using them we can be safe from corona virus.
1- The use of date khajoor increases strength immunity system of human being
2- The use of onions is very useful in virus diseases
3- Use of vinegar is useful
4- The juice of different fresh fruits produced by Allah is very useful
5- Use fresh and pure Halal ingredients
6- Earn Halal provision and eat
7- Kalonji black seed is cure for every disease except death.
8- Honey can heal a variety of medical problems.
9- Olive oil the word olive mentioned six times in Quran. Olives are the gift from paradise to mankind.
10- Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables are blessing of Allah.
11- Do you know that our Prophet PBUH loves drinking milk. Hazrat Mohammad PBUH sometimes would only have breed dipped in milk.
In sum The Prophet PBUH chose food that was halal simple and beneficial.quran said: O you people eat of what is on earth, halal and pure and do not follow the footsteps of the Satan. Indeed for he is to you an open enemy. Every muslim belief on it The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended for.The whole life of our Prophet is the best example for us to follow. He showed us how to live a good life by obeying the laws of Allah. He gave us Quran message of Allah with honesty. He lived by the rules of the Quran. Our dear Prophet PBUH life is an ideal life. He was the best guide and teacher for the people of the whole world for all times.
O, Allah this virus is a might of your powers
You infect whoever you want
And distract it from whoever you want
O Allah splits it from us
And our families, detached it from our families
And our country and the Muslim countries
And keep us safe from what we fear and warn from
You are the best preserver
And you are the most Merciful

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