Rebellions Are Made By Society

(Sadia Ijaz Hussain, Lahore,University oF Education)

 I heard the noise everywhere,
Rebellions make their own affairs,
No care ,having dare ,no fear,they stare,
After burning ,inflamed body ,rebellions  appear .
 Like shadow ignores its own stand.
Society makes them with their own hands .

My Question from the respected people of our society is that:
Are the criminals thieves,gangsters,prostitutes,rapists,
vulgar,serial killers arw bad spot for our society ?
Or the reasons that make them rebellions make them bad thinkers and people of our society  ? 

 Lets stop the time and wait for a second and think:

 If a poisonous tree start growing day by day, what  will you do to stop it ? Are you cut it from the upper, which probably means you become a source of enhancing a tree growth more quickly or you cut it from the root ? You will go with the second one ,you will cut the root .
We are so called honest people but our honesty  will end if we see a woman who is standing alone in a mid night searching for a shelter .
Our so called honest Men used the women as prostitute and no one dares to ask.

"We don't allow a woman to become a driver but we allowed them to run prostitute business."(Manto)

Yeah ! we are honest  in our own affairs and the people which are diverged from our line of reputation they are called rebels.
But tell me one thing! who make them ?Are they born as rebels or our unjust dealings  make them rebellions .Dears! Iam not believing even a single person who called others lairs ,gangsters ,corrupted but inside himself   he is digging the seeds of corruption,unjust behaviors towards others right and assassinate  the right of poor people
. So our so called respected people please answer my question how it is possible that Rebellions will not emerge?

Moving around the world for a while and check for a second whats happening .
My anger catch fire when i see the world with open eyes having no bias,no limit,no favoritism ,no cage of thinking,i heard with my deaf less ears the screaming of truth ,the voice of reality which comes from the worn dress of society ,when i feel the feelings having a deep relation with my own then i call my self "Sadia " see what is going on .Am i  here to see only ?Or there should be a mission ? There are many people who know reality but they do nothing.
Because they afraid, because they know what will happen to their lives and family if they utter even a single truth.

Tell me !
When you turn on the tap ,water comes out with intense ,most of the water is wasted in gaining only a cup of water from the tap then tell me what is the fault of the most of the water which is wasted only for a cup of water .Many people waste water only for gaining A cup of water my questioning is with the tap and the owner of tap, what is the fault of the most of water which You wasted ?

Mirror always tell truth,
shadow always forecast its look,
Damn !what a heck is going on?
Scream for what!for our own mouths!

We are living in the city ,where silence is appreciated and questioning is murdering.Please abandon the strip of silence ,because silence means you are born to bear the unjust behavior of society ,May be your one voice can change the entire society .SO don't say there is nothing in your hand just believe what you can do!

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