One Sajda removes other Sajdas

(Safa Ijaz, Pindi Bhattian)

During Namaz,when i was preparaing myself in focusing and observering the feelings of standing in front of Allah,a thought reflect in my mind about the importance of Sajda.I realize that if a human is put his all attention while delivering the Sajda,then an impluse will create which remove him from other Sajdas. Yes i am talking about the sajda which Allama Muhammad Iqbal depict in his poetry.

Whenever,you are offering Namaz,you have to now its real meaning indeed. You have to feel and realize that you are indeed surrending all your things in front of Allah and for His sake. You are now ready to offer sajda which release other sajdas. Now question is that what is other sajdas. Other sajdas is which you are giving every day without focusing and realizing. For instance,if a person only lay down in front of Allah then Allah makes him so much strong that he will not able to beg in front of others. Allah will remove all his other unintentional begging behaviour from other people and make him so much able that he even can not realize .Therefore,in our life the Sajda is very important to cherish our personality,our behaviour, and our deeds.

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آپ کی رائے
concept is outstanding
By: Sadia Ijaz Hussain (IH), Lahore, University of Education on Apr, 10 2020
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