Let's Have a Digital Detoxification

(Muhammad Saleem Baloch, Karachi)

Have you ever wondered from dawn to dusk how much time do you spend with your Tec devices? Every day we spend a great deal of time with smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets and phablets watching videos, checking messages, playing games and other things which may be useful for us. We are so addicted, immersed and attached with these things especially with our smartphones that we suffer not only anxiety but ringxiety. The term means a vibrating feeling when you receive a message but actually there is nothing like that. It means most of us are suffering from techno-nuroses. As the old proverb goes," Excess of everything is bad." The same applies with Tec devices. The more we use these gadgets, the more addicted we'll get. Now question is how to get rid of this addicted tendency? Of course things will get better gradually if we have a digital detoxification. The term digital detoxification means a period of time when a person voluntarily refrains from using digital devices. I bet you must be thinking it would be difficult, of course it is. Because it really takes a lot of time to be addicted, so, improvement will definitely come gradually but surely. Habits can't be quit cold turkey, so we have to decrease Tec devices time and spend that time with physical interaction rather than virtual interaction. If you feel like checking your phone after every few minutes, your mood is dependent on social media like being happy and angry etc. Furthermore, some also feel insomnia and a feeling of missing out. But don't worry the solution is not to be completely away from your smartphones or other Tec devices but set some boundaries. So it's all about setting limits like no Tec devices while eating, talking to your friends and family, while waking up and going to bed. Let's have a digital detox and feel a real change in our behaviour and life styles.

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