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"Six charts that show how hard US sanctions have hit Iran

Iran is a Muslim state. Iran is an oil rich country. There are various holy places at there. Our Shia community goes there for see holy places even prayer. Iran is the only Muslim state which denies the world super power i.e American reforms. Iran has been denied the supremacy of the American trade in world. Iran has kept different view about the international trade. Iranian government said that equally treatment on all issues i.e production of uranium even used for public interest. The president of Iran said that the Palestine is the Muslim state and no one accepts the dominant position of the Israel. Never support the Israel state in any manner.

Iran foreign policies are not made in the interest of Americans. That why American has imposed the economic sanction on Iran. No states have been allowed trade with Iran until the approval of the United State of America. Now the pandemic i.e coronavirus is increase the situation is worse than before. Iran is not economically strong like other states i.e France, Germany and Italy etc. It is left the economic sanction from Iran on the humanitarian grounds. Iran would allow to export and Import all the Raw materials, medicine and surgical instrument which required. Even all things which are mandatory would be required by Iran would sent by other states.

Today, Iran is in problematic situation. The United Nation should realize the feeling of the people of the Iran in world (pandemic) environment. International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) would help for the Iran in economic crisis.

"In May 2019, Mr Trump ended exemptions from US secondary sanctions - such as exclusion from US markets - for major importers of Iranian oil and tightened restrictions on the Iranian banking sector. He said the decision was "intended to bring Iran's oil exports to zero, denying the regime its principal source of revenue".

(The rial has halved in value)
"President Rouhani kept the Iranian currency stable for almost four years. But it has lost 50% of its value against the US dollar on the unofficial market since the US abandoned the nuclear deal, according to foreign exchange websites."

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