Reading books: A dying habit

(Muhammad Saleem Baloch, Karachi)

We as Muslims always claim that reading books is our lost legacy and then narrate the tales of our glorious past with great enthusiasm. There is not an iota of doubt that reading makes man perfect. The west has sought this key to success which was once our legacy. Well, one just look around and see how many functioning libraries do we have in our city and further narrow it down to our area, I bet the answer most probably be a few. It's really deplorable that this loss is not being felt and realized as it should be given due consideration. Furthermore, ask the counted and recorded number of literate masses of our country that how many spare their time for reading, the responses may be shocking. According to Mark Twain: "A person who does not read good books has no advantage over a person who cannot read.” Keeping the above mentioned quote, if we reflect on our society, then where do we find ourselves standing? It goes without saying that reading is a contagious disease and it will definitely spread when one starts reading. To inculcate and motivate reading habits among masses, they are supposed to be schooled and guided. Of course we have institutions like National Book Foundation, but sadly speaking the respective quota for membership has hugely been reduced. This step clearly reflect our seriousness from government's side regarding the already dying habit of reading books. One common complaint is that children these days don't read, but honestly speaking, are the elderly in our homes are seen reading? Then how come we blame children who learn by seeing not by being told again and again. Now it's crystal clear where the problem is! Still nothing is lost if we commit ourselves to opt to read. To capitulate my message, there is weapon of instruction e.g book and on the other hand there is weapon of distraction e.g mobile phone! Choice is ours, how to manage time to use them wisely or get ready to face the music. I don't mean to quit using the smart phones and other modern gadgets, but to resist their temptation to avoid the addition which according to new research mars the creativity.

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آپ کی رائے
Well written to have us pay attention on the dying habit of reading books!
By: Waqas, Karachi on Apr, 03 2020
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Great job sir, Keep it Up
By: Saleem Ullah Shaikh, Karachi on Apr, 03 2020
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