What's in your bag?

(Muhammad Saleem Baloch, Karachi)

Just recall when did you call a doctor, electrician or a plumber? Did he carry any bag containing the essential tools to work his way out? What if you call a doctor for home visit and he asks you for a thermometer or stethoscope? What if you call a plumber or an electrician, and he asks for some certain tools required for the job? Of course you would be surprised and disappointed that these people are supposed to have their tools in their bags. Otherwise a strong sense of doubt about their being skilled will take you into its grip. The world we are living is full of charlatans, quacks and unskilled people. As it's crystal clear that professional people always keep themselves fully equipped with the tools they need on daily basis. Furthermore, it's a common practice around the world that professionals regardless of any field always keep themselves abreast with the latest and up to the minutes information about their areas of expertise. This not only includes academic but also professional training to be in the mainstream. Giving the above points due consideration, if we judge an English language teacher, then what tools are supposed to be in his bag? Let's say a latest and updated dictionary and a thesaurus, some books, journals and magazines related to the subject of his area. A smartphone with 4G LTE network to keep him connected and informed with the world. To be if not a computer savvy then at least a computer literate to manage his work on computer. To be active on social media platforms and to have subtle know how about some online apps to reach his pupils online when need arises. You can include other items which may be in need. The question is, how many English language teachers are equipped with the tools discussed above? And like a doctor, plumber or electrician if a teacher lacks his tools, then what would be the impression on you? In a nut shell, to be professional one has to be serious and work professionally. Aristotle once said,"Untaught is better than ill taught." I hope I've put my message across .

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