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(Muhammad Saleem Baloch, Karachi)

In our world All the things face problems and the nature of their problems vary of course. Like we humans, fall sick and then get well soon by using medicines or rest. Animals, birds, reptiles and other species also get under the weather but are cured naturally. The earth, oceans, rivers and mountain etc also get polluted and contaminated but are cleaned by natural forces. World Health Organisation has long been warning us about the global warming, ozone layer, effects of greenhouse gases and dire consequences of deforestation. But, we as humans, just turned a deaf ears to all these warnings and acted like the ostrich by putting our heads into the sand. When things went beyond the limits, then the nature decided to take the charge by using its own ways. For the entire world Coronavirus is a deadly disease but with the advent of this virus started a natural healing process of the mother earth. The earth's protective shield, the ozone layer is repairing itself. The oceans and skies are bluer than ever. In some European countries some wild animals are roaming around the once crowded places as the inhabitants are in complete isolation and quarantined themselves. No doubt theses are unprecedented times in the mankind history and human loss and restoration of nature, both are going on simultaneously. These changes would not have been possible if we had been given the choice which we were given and we failed to bring the desired changes. To some experts these natural strikes are essential to repair and heal the sick mother earth. The trying times always teach us something meaningful if we pay heed. Otherwise, nature first warns by hitting some pebbles and finally comes the sledgehammer. World history bears witness that every plague and catastrophe changed the world and this time as well this will make things history.

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