Pakistan's dilemma in a nut shell

(Muhammad Saleem Baloch, Karachi)

Since the beginning of the outbreak of covid-19, the whole world is not the same as it used to be. Every section of the world economy is facing a paradigm shift and new ways of living are emerging to cop with the current global scenario. Be it marketing, travel industry, stocks, farming, medicines, schools, colleges and universities and so on. Everything is being redefined and reshaped catering to the needs of the current global situations. People are trying to learn to live the new rules of confinement and isolation. As it's not the choice of the people but they have to otherwise be ready to face the dire repercussions of defying the rules which might have far greater and deep effects. Being a third world country, Pakistan is also in a quagmire and under the dilemma whether to shut down the country by extending the lockdown highly recommend by experts. On the other hand, thinking about those who earn their livelihood on daily basis and are already badly hit and affected so far. Indeed it's a hard decision to make by the federal and provincial governments. But they have to think and work out a situation favourable for both, the economy and the masses respectively. It's time to think out of the box as on one hand you have to manage the crumbling economy of the country and on the other hand save the people from starvation and deep rooted miseries. The echo of the decision taken now will be heard in coming days and they might paint a beautiful picture or might haunt the decision makers for every. Whatever the decision will be, it will the part of history and the historical memories are either cherished or lamented.

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