Price Hike in Ramadhan

(Dr.Syed Mehboob, Karachi)

Ramadhan is the most sacred month of Islam. It is the month of countless blessings, bounties and rewards from Almighty Allah. It is the month in which Quran was revealed. Ramadhan is a great gift and favour for the Muslims from Allah and this favour can only be considered as such if we properly appreciate and take full advantage to win the favour of Allah. Ramadhan is a chance to pure our economy and pay zakat, sadkat and other forms of charity. Hazrat Salman ( May Allah be pleased with him) a companion of prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him) narrates , “ On the last day of the month of Shaban the Rasul of Allah ( sallallahu alahai wassalam ) addressed us and said : O people , there comes upon you now a great month , a most blessed month, in which lies a night better than one thousand months. It is a month in which Allah taala has made it compulsory that fasting should be observed by day, and He has made the tarawih by night a sunnah.” ( Baheqi).

In this holy month we are more close to blessings of Allah and God fearing people engage themselves in helping poor, needy and suffering ones. At the one hand many doctors, nurses, para medical staff are engaged to serve the suffering one some of them like Dr. Abdul Qayum soomro , Dr. Usama , Dr. Javaid have sacrificed their lives in the way of Allah we also witnessed that welfare organizations like Al Khidmit, Baitu Salam, Indus Hospital, Alimgir Welfare, Silani Welfare have done excellent jobs and provided financial and medical aid to millions of people. The whole nation is thankful to them and salutes them. But at the other hand we also witnessed at a very difficult time profiteers are fully engaged in increasing the prices of necessities and made them out of reach of common people. Hoarders, profiteers and market manipulators are extra ordinarily active in this month. They don’t have fear of Allah nor they fear from any government authorities. Despite that fact that petroleum prices has been decreased twice yet the fruit nit reached at the bottom one. Prices of all necessary food items including fruits, vegetables, cooking oil and sugar has been inching up not just since the start of Ramadhan, but for a good two weeks before it. Middle income groups , who generally stock up just before Ramadhan , have already been fleeced by unscrupulous traders salivating at the prospect of abnormal and incremental profits that come this time every year. Poor segments specially daily earner a large number of whom are made unemployed or their income cut drastically due corona lock down are forced to starve and they are deprived from the blessings of Ramadhan.

COVID 19 is a warning from Almighty Allah to correct and mend our way and turn towards Him and repent from all sins. It is a best chamce that we convert our trade and economy to Islamic one and get rid of Riba or interest and introduce interest free banking, finance and trade. The fruit of Islamic trade will bring prosperity, equality, fear distribution of wealth which will enable to lower down the crime rate, combat against hatred and communalism.

It is needed both the federal and provincial governments should come out join hands against hoarders, profiteers and market manipulators to curb the price hike and take stern action against them. Besides Like Friday and Sunday bazaars special bazaars should be arranged with the help of Alkhidmat, Akhuwat, Baitus Salam , Alimgir welfare, Silani welfare because these organizations have credibility, they have a network of selfless volunteers and their sincereity is beyond any questions. Government should only facilitate them rest of the job they can do themselves. Alkhidmat and Baitus Salam have the most organized system and they have a number of highly qualified, dedicated and committed team and unlike others their network is not only working in Karachi and Lahore but they also have access to KPK, Sindh, Balochistan and tribal area. If you just have a visit at Biatus Salam’s link Road Karachi and Talagang institutes you would be surprised to know that this the the only Pakistani welfare organization which is providing O level with Hifze Quran , dares Nizami and university level education without any charges. Even more you would be surprise to know that they are providing free hostel accommodation, transportation and sport facilities.

If our Prime Minister Imran Khan really want to deliver to the nation the he must get rid of turn coats, sugar, flour, wheat, power mafia and link himself to God fearing people . He is some how linked with Maulana Tariq Jameel the most widely followed Islamic scholar, preacher and the most trusted one , with the help of him and Baitus Salam and Alkhidmat he can invest his energy at a right direction and can do much better than what his team is doing and can nake difference with successive governments who too failed because they too have same team members what Imran Khan has

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آپ کی رائے
Hi despite of in view of recent view of pricing hike we need to mention people who are also discounting and are providing in Normal rates. Infact providing services in the lockdown. Example general stores, milkshops and also Aslam Bala Plastic for providing decorative glass paper in Karachi.
By: Shan, Karachi on May, 04 2020
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