Hazrat Ayesha- a pious soul & the great scholar

(Ayesha Ahmad, Peshawar)

The distinct date of 17th Ramazan-ul-Mubarak will evidently have an umpteen number of incidents, celebrations and accidents materialized on it.
Amongst which is the point of no return, i.e

Being the daughter of most credible and loyal companion of Prophet s.a.w and the youngest & most beloved consort (after Hazrat Khadijah binte Khawailed) of Prophet s.a.w, her personality is an emblem for a pious Muslimah.

Under the shade of the designation, ‘ Umm-ul-Momineen’ , Hazrat Ayesha R.A possessed additional virtues, encompassing being the most generous, well-informed, full of wisdom, had a yearn for learning and was sharp-witted.
She not under any circumstances endorsed a rule / custom that was in contradiction with the Holy Quran.
She is reported to have narrated approximately 2210 Ahadeeth.

Seeing her acumen, intellect and a desire for learning, Abu Musa Ashari said, “we never faced any difficulty on which we inquired from Hazrat Ayesha that we did not get any information relating to it.”

The persona of this great lady, who was a significant member of the first Islamic community can be described as the one accustomed to be in the state of fasting intermittently and offer additional prayers besides the obligatory ones.
She also served as a political icon in the course of Hazrat Uthman’s and Hazrat Ali’s caliphate.

Prophet s.a.w had exceptional and outrageous love for Hazrat Ayesha R.A (after the death of his s.a.w first wife).
Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w used to pray for her when she stretched in front of him.

An illustration of the love between the two is that prophet s.a.w drank from her glass from the spot where she had placed her lips.
Fondly and affectionately calling her “Humayra”, smooching her daily and every time when leaving for prayers, receiving the divine revelations at her living quarters and lastly ceased to exist while his head placed in her lap at her residence, presents the stereotypes of utmost affection.

Once Hazrat Ayesha R.A questioned Prophet s.a.w the way he could construe his love for her. He s.a.w replied, “like a strong bonding knot”. she would then seek an answer in a jolly manner, “how is the knot?” , he s.a.w would respond,” as strong as the first day (you asked)”.

Hazrat Anas R.A narrated, that the prophet s..a.w was asked , “O messenger of Allah, who is the most beloved of the people to you”? The prophet s..a.w replied, “Ayesha”. “And from among the men”? He relied ,”her father”.

Having one’s trait esteemed in the Holy Quran is an attribute of nobody but of this great lady.
In the matter of casting a slur on the angelic character of Hazrat Ayesha R.A, conducive to her pious character Almighty Allah revealed verses 11-20 of Surah Noor.
After the revelation of the specific verses, prophet s.a.w expressed tendeness and said to Hazrat Ayesha, ”Glad tidings O Ayesha! Allah liberated you and stated that you were free and away from that malign”.

The angelsl would descend upon her and extend Salutations to her. Reported by one of the Prophet’s s.a.w companions, once he s.a.w said,” Ayesha, Jibrael conveys his Salaam to you” (to which she responded).

Hazrat Ayesha R.A left for her eternal heavenly abode on 17th of the holy month of Ramazan in 57 A.H at the age of 65 and was consigned to grave in Jannat-ul-Baqi.

Pearls of wisdom by Hazrat Ayesha,”the most beautiful characteristic is shyness”.

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