Angels on Earth

(Dr.Mehboob Syed, Karachi)

Angels are creatures of Almighty Allah who are assigned special duties to perform. They are created by “Noor” (light). No body except Allah’s prophets had seen them. But there are some angels are created from dust (khakis) , they are like angles but there their status before Almighty Allah are greater than Noori Angels. Now days you can see these angels extremely busy on earth. They are people who have dedicated themselves for the noble cause to serve the suffering humanity. You can see them in white coats; they are doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and their other associates. So far 4.11 million people have been affected by corona. In Pakistan number of patients is increasing at an alarming pace. As on 10th May, 2020 at 8.AM, about 28, 745 patients have been reported across the country while 7,756 patients have been recovered. Recovery percentage is 27 against number of cases. The highest number of patients is in Sindh about 10,771 which is 37.47 percent of total cases in Pakistan. Sindh was on second number since the lockdown was started but on 9th May, 2020 alone Sindh reported more than one thousand cases which raised its rank from 2nd to one. Punjab has second highest number of cases with 10,471 cases. KPK has the highest number of deaths with 234 a 37.62 % of total deaths in Pakistan and 5.91 % of number of cases in KPK. Higher percentage in KPK is alarming and more attention needs to pay to save the lives of people.

The most endangered lives are of doctors, nurses and other para medical staff. They are angels on earth. So for more than 500 doctors and para medical staff had corona virus positive and 8 doctors had sacrificed their lives in their efforts to save others’ lives. Among them Dr. Abdu Qayum Soomro is the person who was serving at Alkhidmit as volunteer. He was a dermatologist and prominent physician. He also served at Thar. The other day Sindh Chief Minister Dr. Murad Ali Shah paid rich tribute to Dr. Abdul Qayum Soomro and saluted him.Dr Murad Ali Shah is highly active in making arrangement to fight against Covid 19. His brother in Law Syed Mehdi Ali Shah also died with corona so CM can batter understand the pain and is trying to woe the pains of suffering ones in Sindh.

Dr. Abdul Bari the originator of Indus Hospital needs to be saluted by the whole nation. His network is dedicatedly working across Pakistan. His Indus Hospital network treated and cured 100 million patients since its inception. Such a wide services are unforgettable and unprecedented in Pakistan. If there were no such hospitals then the poor patient’s condition would have been worst in our country.

Maulana Abdul Sattar of Baitus Salam is another angel whose Baitus Salam trust is rendering valuable service for the welfare of people. Jamia Baitu Salam is a wonder in Pakistan which is a quantum step towards renaissance and providing education to about 5 million people in Pakistan. Its Link Road and Talangang branch is providing free O level education to students simultaneously the religious one. Wonderfully their students are working on Robotics and had won prized in several competitions.

The heart and soul of Akhuwat is Dr. Amjad Saqib who dedicated himself for poor segment of societies. They provided microfinance help to millions. Besides Akhuwat University is a wonderful project which provides education to students on interest free loan. The students have to reimburse once their education is completed and when they get a paid job they have to pay only principle amount on easy installment basis.

Another Angel emerged on the is BOOM BOOM SHAHID AFRIDI a well-known, famous hitter, a cricketer who won the hearts of millions of people. Even in some countries Pakistan’s name is recognized as Shahid Afridi’s country. Shahid Afridi recently visited Baluchistan and Waziristan the areas which are target of our enemies and due to follies of our rulers they were neglected and ignored. Pakistan Army is running many projects there to realize people of these areas that they are integral part of our country and we can’t afford to ignore them.

Abdul Sattar was the angel who served nation for decade and established a strong and world’s largest ambulance net-work. His noble wife Bilqis Edhi and son Faisal Edhi are following his footsteps. Faisal Edhi also affected by Corona Virus while handling dead bodied of corona patients.

The whole nation is thankful to them and pays rich tribute to them. May Allah shower His countless blessings, rewards, bounties on them.

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