Impact of COVID-19 situation on Human Resource Activities

(Wajiha Shakir, Karachi)

Who was aware that; this 2020 year will change the life of everyone in such a way where everything will be transformed and shrink? The world is still facing COVID 19 pandemic situation and it has transformed the live styles in numerous ways. In-person discussions are now more common on telephonic conversation. Meetings and online classes are being conducted online via Zoom. This pandemic situation taught us the value of engagement either in personal or professional life. People are forced to be in quarantine to save one-self and their loved ones.

Due to this COVID 19, almost 4.3 million people are affected and many deaths have been reported. The impact of this situation hits each business and department including human resources. Businesses are bearing loss due to lockdown, unavailability of labor, raw material and other essentials which leads towards layoff over the globe. Renowned and profit enjoying organizations (including oil and gas sector, hospitality, airlines and others) are forced to lay-off staff and cut-down expenses for survival in this situation. Economies are doomed and will take ample time to recover with this shock.

Human resource activities- particularly recruitment is suspended. Those who are offering jobs, getting pool of those expertise which does not pertain to domain but people are still applying to get connect with any department in order to utilize time and win the bread for household. Work from home is now a common thing for us. We never presumed that such a massive number can work from home but during this we realized that, productivity can come from anywhere. To work one should only need integrity and ofcourse dedication. By remotely working, it has been observed that; major of the tasks can be performed remotely also the employee is comfortable to work and spend time with family at the same moment.

Training sessions and learning trend in this quarantine was a great challenge but online facilitation provide ease to connect everyone on same platform with no time. Brain-storming for plan B has been part of every step. The main question before starting and ending any work is now a day “what if?” but still major activities have been performed and got results with an impact.

Artificial intelligence and e-commerce succeed in this era and facilitated in numerous ways. This is now an opportunity to show how we lead in this crises and how to grow again in this unprecedented journey by coming weeks and months.

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