A Girl Who Knows Her Rights

(Sadia Ijaz, Lahore,University of Education)

Maria and Aliya were best friends they couldn't meet for 1 year as both were doing different jobs in different areas of the same city , their residency was also different but ! due to same home town , same school , same college and 9 years of friendship they were best friends .They talked on phone ,always planned to meet but plans never worked out . One day accidentally both got holidays from their jobs they packed up their luggage , ready to meet their families ,Maria asked Aliya that she is going to home town what’s your plan? She said my office didn’t announce yet about holidays .Maria said OK ! I am going to go .Afternoon when Maria was ready to go, Aliya called Maria ! Where are you? Maria said ,I am ready to go .Aliya said wait for me ,my office announced holidays! I can come with you and I am so excited that I am going to meet you, finally! Maria said okay then Get a move on! ...........In the long run they met at Bus station .

Bus station was so busy on that day due to official holiday , there were shortage of buses meanwhile lots of people were hanging there to get tickets and meet their family.

Both of them were knew about this predicament but they were determined to go .At last both were happy as they met after a long time they greet and hug one another and decided to purchase tickets , bought it ,waited in waiting room meanwhile they become chatter box and talked so much to satisfy their heart .Suddenly Maria said Aliya lets check It out, Is our bus arrived or not? .They checked !! What they saw was unreliable! two persons were sitting on their seats as bus was arrived .Aliya was confident person in getting her rights while Maria didn’t want to talk to any stranger but Aliya knows that if they were not able to get their right then they have to wait for a long time and there was no surety that they would get a bus because of shortage of buses .She stood for her right and asked the persons to leave their seats but they were not willing to leave they started the arguments, they said sister! we are not going to leave this , we come first she said its not about who come first its about who bought tickets ! One of them was clinging on seat while other was standing near door of bus .Aliya took his bag and said ,stand up! I say to you this is our seat, they said sister !we are not going to stand up !she said ,oh I will see !At last she won in getting her seat. Both of the persons stand up from their seat as women who were sitting beside also helped the girls in getting their seats but the real courage and confident that make them to leave was of Aliya, she knows how to get her rights. At last Maria and Aliya got their seat because of Aliya .They travelled by eating sweets that was carried by Aliya , they took some selfies inside the bus , they travelled towards their home town gracefully and happily.

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