An online evening with poet Dr. Akash Ansari

(Ayaz Ali Memon, Karachi)

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Due to Corona's social distance and lockdown, Ramesh Raja and Manzoor Ujjan started a weekly series of online programs to change mental retardation and misery into peace of mind and happiness. Yesterday was an Evening with Dr. Akash Ansari, a well-known revolutionary poet of Sindh.

At the beginning of the program, a minute's silence was observed after 97 passengers were martyred in a crash involving a PIA plane in Karachi and more than 345K people were killed due to Coronavirus in the world.

Introducing the guest poet, the host Ramesh Raja said that “Akash Ansari; the writer of two famous books and four under publishing process; has a unique identity in Sindh because his poetry is the attractive mixture of resistance and romance. The class struggle, historical references and intellectual attitudes in poetry distinguish him from traditional poets and so he is more popular among youth; mostly in students. Due to his maturity, rhythm and fluency, Akash's poetry is sung more by almost all the great artists of the country and compelled people to dance”.

On the occasion the poet Akash Ansari said that “the real writer is always in a state of war, he never lives in the cold rooms offered by the Government and being a courtier is the death of a writer”. Addressing online from Badin city on Zoom Link yesterday, Dr. Akash Ansari said that “the coming century will be the century of Sindh as our new generation is on the path to success in this modern age but people of our age do not understand this. Sindhi is one of the 95 modern languages of the world, that’s why it is safe”. Further he added that “Sindhi Adabi Sangat was the progressive literary forum in Sindh but it has strayed from its purpose and path. Government promoted power hunger groups of so-called writers have severely damaged the creative process. Future generations will blame all the writers involved in this race”. “Today is the age of digital dictatorship, which has to be fought. On the one hand, the poets of Sindh are unable to understand it; still busy in crafting rhyme and synonyms. As long as there is an aesthetic sense in man, art, literature and poetry will remain," he said.

He added that post coronavirus the world is about to take a new leap with new trends in the world which certainly would emerge in literature as well. Through this online program hosts; Ramesh Raja and Manzoor Ujjan have come up with innovative mind-blowing equipment to suit the situation. The next era will be of artificial intelligence. Therefore, the youth of Sindh must refrain from misusing the internet and social media, instead learn the new skills on Internet to compete in the international market.

Talking about the current situation in Sindh, he said, “Sindh has been devastated by Vadera Shahi. Socially, Sindh has gone back at least a century in the last half century.; example of which is our ruined cities and settlements. All the glory of today's chieftain is the reward for betrayal of one's land and loyalty of usurpers.”

On political serio he said that "The real welfare states are created by the West," he added. We have dictatorship behind every good slogan. Circumstances suggest that Arabs will once again come to Sindh on camels to beg”.

Talking about his poetry and art, progressive intellectual Jami Chandio said that “Dr. Akash Ansari is a big name in modern Sindhi poetry for the creative combination of revolution and romance. The language of Akash is very sweet and attractive due to the background of ‘Laar’ in the lower part of Sindh and they have established creative individuality in style and artistic experiments. He took his unique path in the creative journey of poetry which brought not only thematic breadth and new trends but also intellectual depth. Akash's poetry not only emerged from his time, but also influenced his revolutionary, resistance and romantic interpretations. Even today he is a popular and beloved poet of the new generation”.

Jaswant Mehraj from Canada, Ahmar Nadeem Memon, Dara Shahid Panhwar from USA, Danish Parmar and Jawad Haider from Hungary, Aslam Arain from Netherlands, Zeeshan Jatoi from Russia, Ali Hassan Rind from Cuba, Kaka Singh from Germany, Dubai Dodo Khatian and Indira Poonawalla,, Manzoor Sethar from Bahrain, Santosh Khatri from Saudi Arabia and other eminent writers from different cities of Pakistan participated online.

In the end, the host Manzoor Ujjan thanked all participants and while giving advance Eid greetings, said that “Dr. Akash is not only a proud revolutionary poet but he is also a very loving, elegant and sincere person in friendship”. Further he added that “next will be a lecture on "Sufism, A Universal Theory" bu Dr Sahar Gul.

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