A letter from myself in 2030

(Maria shafique, karachi)

2020 was more like a horrible dream many people died or it would be better to say that the whole year was a pandemic period. Although there were some good and bad things happening together.

2030 is going great. I am in the last year of my University and many new inventions have been done; medical has also advanced in many terms just like the researchers from cultured beef project remove muscle cell from the shoulder of the cow and feed the cell with a nutrients mix in a Petri dish which they then grow into muscle tissue and then from a few starter cell one can dive tons of meat.

In the present time, the living style of people has changed a lot of people now have been started following the rules of the society terrorism and all other things have not come to see and now Pakistan rule has also set for only 2 children which can be one of the cause Pakistan has become economically stable after the pandemic period of 2020 and we could say that Pakistan’s government has done many things to make itself stable because after the end of the coronavirus Pakistan and many other countries where gone into economic crisis but now it is good to see that Pakistan is a few steps near to being known as a developed country.

Talking about the technology, there many new inventions wholes around the world like for the ones who want to have tattoos but are not allowed or any other thing there is a new invention that It is possible to have electronic displays printed on thin plastic membranes, just like the ones people use for temporary tattoos that they put on their skin.

Robots already have been a big presence in the manufacturing industry, but as they had become more advanced they have entered new service-oriented job which is a robot pharmacist although it has only been introduced in the US I hope that they will be soon in our country

Engineers have also introduced a new device that is potentially able to track a person’s health more accurately like people can check there lipid profile, uric acid, and many other tests that people were able to test when only they go to a lab or a hospital.

In these all 10 years there were many changes that I came across I became a young lady from a teenager I came across many good and bad situation in my life and there were many things that I learned from my life especially these 10 years were I found my dream of becoming a doctor come true until now my life was a success and I wish that my upcoming life would be greater and better

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