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“According to Materialist economic”
“Livelihood is a fundamental problem of man and economic development is ultimately result end of human life”.

“According to Islamic Economic”
Livelihood is necessary and indispensable, but cannot be the true purpose of human life.


I. The unemployment is plight for poor community and as well rising with pace in all the developing countries especially India, Pakistan and Bangladesh etc.
II. The lack of planning is a weak point in context of Pakistan’s economy. Today, the implementation and controlling of staff is burning issues in Pakistan. I will be divided this subject into two parts.
III. There are no collection of students data from institutions
IV. There is no mechanism adhere to use to solve the problems. No output or analysis has been gained by these institutions that it will have to impact for compliance on realist approach to sort out elementary level as well higher secondary problems.
V. All the governments have been made and came into existence with help of collusion of protuberant leaders that who have not care about country prosperity. They have been made just plans nothing else. They cannot try to implement process be resumed.
VI. Neither one have capable nor desire to be control upon administration staff whether they have to work or not. There is no performing evaluation process is accomplish according to rules and regulation.

There are many reasons behind in it one of them is lack of interest or lack of planning. The security issues are detrimental factor for our economic crisis. It will have directly damage to our economy and reduce our international trade even business circle for investors who will have to invest in Pakistan. The security issues have hitched the business industry in Pakistan. The government cannot support to foreigner investors to provide them healthy atmosphere for business in Pakistan. There was sad incident took place in the year of 2008 that the terrorist attack on the cricket bus. This incident had set worse example for the foreigners to come into Pakistan. Subsequently, all the people who have been affiliated with sports were jobless.

On the other hand, government cannot support nor financial assistance to research centers to discover own new resources in Pakistan. The attitude of government official’s in the field work is embarrassing which is reducing the interest of experts. It should emphasize that the government policy towards agro-based industry is very good. In context of Pakistan per capital income of person is very low as compare to other states. The unemployment and economy crisis is part and parcel. If our government cannot use manpower and exact estimate of plight of unemployment may not get good results. These are the above reasons and detrimental factors behind the collapse of Pakistani economy.

The administration in Pakistan is very weak and it cannot run own footing. There are various detrimental factors which reduce the capacity of administration machinery of the government. The following are the rules should adhered even implement for rapidly growth of economy:-
I. Role of Controlling Authority
II. Directing and follow-up
III. Staffing management
IV. Distribution of works
V. Not Rely upon single man
VI. Promotion policy on equally basis officials/officers
VII. Provincial autonomy
VIII. Ultra vire in administration
IX. Corruption
X. Favoritism
XI. Lack of talent in administration
XII. Pressure environment of bureaucrats
XIII. Influence of non-relevant institutions

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