Islamic Teachings and COVID-19

(Syed Muhammad Mehdi Ali, Sialkot)


As COVID-19 is spreading throughout the world exponentially, all the governments and international organisations related to health are reminding people again and again to follow the precautionary measures carefully. These include washing hands, avoiding physical touch and keeping a safe distance.
According to a survey, Coronavirus cases could rise to 1.2 Million by the end of July in Pakistan.
In this catastrophic situation, it is everyone’s responsibility to play a part that could be beneficial for the country and themselves.

Islam is a complete code of life. Knowledge in the light of Islam is of two types. The first one is the acquired knowledge, that is what we call Science. And the second one is revealed knowledge; the knowledge we get through Quran and Hadith. We can find the solution of every problem if we align it with the teachings of Islam.

‘Wudu’ is an Islamic ritual washing that is obligatory before every prayer. It includes washing of hands, face, arms, cleaning of nose and mouth, and washing the feet. And same are the precautionary measures given by WHO to stay save from Coronavirus.
Muslims have been doing this, five times a day, for past 1400 years. So Islamic teachings of cleanliness can save us from such pandemic.

‘Cleanliness is half of faith.’

- Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
[Sahih Muslim: 223]

Moreover, going to the mosques for prayers was also a dispute a few days back. Some had the opinion to pray at home while some wanted to maintain their routine of going to the mosque for prayers.
If one wants to go to the mosque to pray, one must follow the SOPs by the Government to keep himself and his Muslim brothers safe.
Even Islam prohibits one to avoid going to the mosque if one has eaten onion, garlic, leeks or any other thing of this sort having an offensive smell. One shouldn’t enter the mosque until that smell goes away.

‘He who eats garlic or onion should remain away from us or from our mosque and stay in his house.’

- Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
[Sahih Muslim: 564 a]

Islamic practices, emphasizing cleanliness, can help us eradicate this pandemic from our country and eventually from the whole world.

- Article by Syed Muhammad Mehdi Ali

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