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According to UNESCO, “nationwide closures are impacting over 60% of the world’s student population.” Students have a prodigious responsibility due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Teaching and learning processes revolve around a triangle of teachers, students, and subject matter. Students are the primary victim of the Covid-19 crisis. Students have to fulfill their responsibilities and face challenges related to online learning. There are several responsibilities on students that they have to fulfill to make the process of learning efficiently.

First, they have to motivate and prepared themselves to meet the challenges of online learning. They have to learn the use of online digital tools, and software that includes the use of Ms. word, PowerPoint, and the use of other available digital tools (Zoom, Gmail, Skype). Along with the use of digital tools, they have to acquire new skills and upgrade their knowledge toward the use of technology. Students can use their spare time to read some new books, and students can review their academic books. Thus, they will be able to meet the challenges of online learning and make their time valuable.

Secondly, students have to cooperate with their teacher and pupil. We are all the victims of the crisis, to cope with the pandemic crisis, students have to assist other pupils who lack access to the availability of digital tools. On the other hand, there is a diversity of students in the classroom, not all of the students have the same skills, knowledge, and resources. Consequently, students have to take part in facilitating and sharing resources with others to reach the desired goal. Therefore, the role of teachers is evident in facilitating students toward the use of technology, and teaching about: How to make their time worth full?
Furthermore, we are a part of society: a society where we all live, share resources and interact with each other. Society has some expectations from their future generation (students). Students have to fulfill their moral, and social responsibility, along with academic work. They have to take part in social work to spread awareness about the pandemic and help needy people. Thus, we will be able to fulfill our social responsibility. Therefore, we all have to work together and fulfilled our responsibilities. Students have to take a step ahead and take charge of self-directed learning.

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