Knowing your interest and finding the Path where to go!

(Muntazir Mehdi, Piplan, Mianwali)

Note- {I am not going to blame someone special and it’s not up to you to decide whether it’s my own story or someone else's. You just pay heed to the point I want to deliver.}

Almost 10 years ago, I was in class 2 and a student at a primary school near my house. Other fellows from the locality were also my classmates. I was considered as a hard working and shining student of my school and my other fellows were dull. One day, our teacher said to make two groups of students. He named these groups “Group A” and “Group B”. Mostly, in the schools of rural areas, these groups were made in schools and Group B was usually considered as the group of dull students. I was in a group A. Some of my friends were in Group B. On the next day, I stood up from my group and sat down with Group B’s students. As I have mentioned above, I was considered a hard working student, so my teacher punished me because of changing groups and considering myself a dull student. Then our school shifted to another place. After a few days I left primary school and got admission to High School. I continued my studies and got good marks in every class. Usually we see a lot of children having specific goals from their childhood. Simply speaking, from my childhood, I badly failed to decide my goal. I reached Matric level. At Matric level, a choice is given to every student to choose one subject, Biology or Computer Science. At that time, my teacher wrote my name in the Biology Section without asking me, I remained quiet. Usually Biology students are considered hardworking students. My example was just like a horse acting in the order of his rider. Well, I got good marks in Matriculation. After the Matriculation exams, I told my father to study Law. My father is a teacher having strange ideas like science subjects have scope and Arts did not have etc. My father refused to accept my decision to study law and satisfied me by saying that there is no good job for advocates in our country. I remained silent for a few days. After a few days, I again said to my father that I will study commerce and will go to banking. Again, my father refused to accept my decision. My father ordered me to do I did my and got good marks. Now I am studying Arts in an undergraduate programme. In this story I just want to tell you that my path/ goal was not clear. I failed to know my interests. And my related people did not help me out in choosing the path in which I was interested. That’s why I studied science first and now I am studying arts. We must have to decide our path/goal before starting the journey. And it is the duty of our teachers and friends to show us a good path and to guide us about the things we don’t know and to encourage us to achieve our goal.

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