Father-My Real Hero

(Areeba Abdul rauf, )

Our parents brought us to the world and they have been doing countless things for us. Since the day, a child is born parents take care of their kids tirelessly. They love them unconditionally.

Mothers have a very high status in Islam but some may not realize fathers too have an equitable status in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessings of God be upon him) said, “The pleasure of God lies in the pleasure of father and displeasure of God lies in the displeasure of father.” This is a self-explanatory saying that shows us how important it is to please our fathers. We should make sure to obey them as they are the ones who guide us well throughout our lives to the right path in order to be successful. They have experience about so many things and we may learn many lessons from them. They try to make us aware so that we don’t have to go through any hardships.

"A father is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again."

Father's day honors fatherhood and the contribution of fathers to the society. In worldwide, the day is observed on the third Sunday of June every year. The Father's Day weekend is usually full of celebrations as families treat their fathers to lunches and trips. It’s all about to appreciate the efforts of a father doing whole year, whatever you call your father Dad, Baba, Papa, Abu, Abba all meanings are same ♡

Father is the only one person who suffers a lot to give their children and family a good lifestyle, Father is a good Friend, Father is someone who believes in their children and he is the one who wants to see the children more successful than him. Allah Almighty made the relation between father & children so Pure & Strong. Fathers are the shadow for their children. Celebrating Father’s day or saying Thank You on this day is not enough for the handwork’s He do for us.

Being a lucky Daughter of great Father who never gives up on me, who never ignores my Wishes. He always fulfills my little & bigger demands and Whenever I feel upset, Life & their problems makes me down, I always find my Super power Papa in front of myself to hold my hand and when He says
Don't worry My Darling Daughter! I am here for u and just trust on ALLAH he will handle everything. His magical words just disappear my all sorrows. I believe & love the line "Behind every Great Daughter is truly an amazing father"

Dear Papa! You carried me in your arms when I was little. By holding my tiny hands you taught me how to stand and walk. And I learn to walk in the road of my life from you. I can never ever pay you back whatever you have done for me and are still doing. PAPA, I love you from the core of my heart. And you are the only person in the whole world who deserves this love. Thank you for everything. Whatever I do, wherever life takes me, I will always be thankful to you my Strength. Because I know without you my life would be worthless.
Papa I know you loved me from my first breath but I will love you until my very last breath
Stay blessed and Live long PAPA.
By Your loving Daughter!

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