(Intikhab-Uddin Shinwari, Peshawer)

Care is giant functioning under temple invisible, hiding behind-the-scenes of our minds that make us good in countless ways.
Dwells in rhythmic silence peace-maker in our souls that speaks to us of patents, respect; build a house with affection which you cannot visit not in your dreams.
Let us be true for an hour the fact that we constantly ignoring about ‘’care’’ Care and respect is associated with sufferings when you mostly care about something it always demotes.
Why should you care about the others if it puts you to the risk of your own life and health? Usually when we care about somebody or something we mostly go through the situations where we add the questions like, we don’t have to act this way? We should be like that you shouldn’t be like, these above are not questions but unresolved issues which can possibly effect our intellectual revelations and drive us to the way of troubles. I suppose it will be better to run away from our pains that we are suffering in the silence and which keenly exhibit how irresponsible a person could be when he is suffering in the silence.
Sufferings should be external not internal, internal pains are the outcomes of blaming own-self and wailing to accept blames, rather to focus and identify the faults we just playing up interacting and carrying for the conflicted relationships.
We repeatedly do the things which we already have concluded several times studying matters in a depth over years of reflection and in the last we realize that it was impossible to figure out what was the problem?
It wasn’t my fault…?
I had no choice...?
I didn’t mean to do it…,
Oh My God, My God,
God, God, God
Said Thomas “God hears no more than the heart speaks; and if the heart is dumb, God will certainly be deaf” sometimes when I was too young I always thought why God do not respond instantaneous to those who always cackle? Then I realize why God do not respond to those who always cackle because they are unsound chicks on the ground talking about other chicks while God created them Eagles to fly higher in the sky fight the storms and gaze.
Rather to go on hunt they are screaming on the ground wants everything in the mouth.
So the question is if even God do not respond and care about the irresponsible beings why we should care about people and about the irresponsible beings who do not even accept their faults. God asked Adam, ‘’Where you are?’’ He is still asking that question each of us today. Where are we? Where are we concerning the gifts and talents He has given to us? Being carless means to change the atmosphere of your life,
keep all your conflicts impersonal, fight the issues, Speak about what you can do, not what God will do for you. ‘’If the only tool you have is spanner, you tend to treat everything like nuts” This means use all of the gifts God have given to you.
Before you can influence others, you need to discover what your purpose is. William Shakespeare once said. “We Know what we are, but know not what we may be”. Be strong and enough courageous to create a habit of taking initiative, interest should be in the future, never afraid what will come. Future is still in your power. Your daily routine does play role in your future. Without blaming others take responsibility.
Said Josian “It’s easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging responsibilities’’ We often care about Care and that’s why we don’t care about our own care. We do not express our feelings our emotions, do not share our ideas, do not expose wrong if someone is wrong and say right to righteous because we care, we seldom laugh on the bullshit jest, we cry dramatically and hide our internal happiness because we care.
We care for people and things, they do not even Care about us, and care for things that have no feeling either, we strengthen everyone, we certainly tries to do the things which can brought harmony, peace, joy, and spring, and thus
we violate sacredness of our self-respect, Gandhi Said “They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them”. Sometimes I do hate ignorance but in reality ignorance and confidence is the route to smash.
Being careless prefer to live alone rather with fake people for coward needs friends, solders die once and alone.
If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will never bite you. It is the principle difference between dog and a man, better to love your parents for they have suffered a lot, much better to sacrifice for them for they have enlighten, instruct , advise and educated you without being well educated.
Otherwise you are nothing but just stuck at home flossing your dog.

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