(Aqsa qayoom, Khairpur)

Mentor of those hearts ever ruined.

Lets admire her today in such way that feel please to her soul.
She carries you for nine months in your stomach,
She feels the pain like breaking many bones at single time while giving you birth,
She gives the warmth when you feel cold,
She devotes her sleeps to make you sleep,
She becomes the tissue when you cry,
She becomes the smile when you are happy,
She becomes the shadow in burning rays.. We are made of her sacrifices, she is the sacrificing soul on earth,
Certainly God is always with us, What a beautiful mother as shape.

She is the bank of your that sea which faces lots of storms .

Let us put the light on our dark minds, What we do with our mothers? We seek for heaven, left the heaven inside the home helpless?
We beat them by our deeds?
We break them by our our harsh words?
We ignore her for other?
We made her feel shy to gave us birth?

Not we all but situation talks

When she gives us birth she is planting a tree when you grow don't give that fruits to others,
When she brings up you she has the light in her eyes don't convert it into blindness.
She has dreams and happiness for you don't let them apart from her !

Trust me! When she calls you, you are lucky many of us just miss that lovely sound, make her feel proud to have you and make you feel yourself happy to have her!


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