Changing colors of women's rights in Pakistan

(Azhar Iqbal, LAHORE)

When it comes to women's rights, women have always been considered oppressed. The reason for this is that in evolution, women were not really given equal rights, but this is a matter of ignorance. When man was not so conscious, then woman did not have equal rights, but woman was despised but this false tradition of Islam buried her forever and gave woman the place in society that gives woman in any society. Did not get Considering every aspect, Islam has given equal rights to women and tied men and women in the rope of Shariah. Islam has prescribed punishment for whoever breaks this rope. The rights that women talk about, the freedom that they talk about have nothing to do with Islam, this slogan has been raised by the West and the woman who has been given these rights by the West has violated her rights. Looking at the rights of today's women, it is very surprising that if a woman wants such rights, such freedom is better than slavery. Because the rights that the West has talked about are humiliating women, which is very wrong. No religion in the world allows it, which has had the effect on our society that a woman should respect a man. Every woman does not bring a man for any reason. Today's woman is like an unbridled horse. She does what her heart desires. Parents, siblings are all characters for her who have no special significance left. The reason is that today women are adopting western culture which had the effect of seeing an incident a few days ago which was very surprising to see. Something happened as I was passing by. A large crowd had gathered in one place. Going forward, they saw two women holding a man by the collar and a young man abusing his dirty mother and sister, who was a relative of these women. When people were asked, it was found out that the woman who had grabbed the collar of the man brought a complaint to their house that their son had been beaten by their children. I started to get embarrassed and got angry that on the one hand my child is bleeding from his nose and on the other hand you are arguing with me. If there is a man then send him to talk. The women came to him and grabbed him by the collar. Caught and not leaving. Many people were trying to rescue him but they were getting worse on this man. At that time the police came and these women started crying and telling the story of oppression that this servant has entered the house and he has abused a lot and has also touched our honor. When we asked this servant, he told us That their children are fighting in the neighborhood, beating everyone, similarly, their children complained about what was happening to her child, her nose was bleeding,

but instead of explaining to the children, they This drama was created. But the police did not listen to the man and asked him to go to the police station. When he condemned him a little, then there is no need to tell what the policemen did and took him to the police station. Some women in the neighborhood started talking. This is how they do it. The shame of these women is gone. There is a noble man of the neighborhood who has never complained. All this is due to the influence of the media and the reason for the rising slogan of women's liberation. This is an incident. I don't know how many men will fall prey to such women. In spite of all these incidents, there have been laws to give women rights in which a woman can accuse a man whenever she wants. But there is no such law for a man who can complain to a woman if it is a matter of women's freedom. In fact, in the times to come, the kingdom will belong to a woman who will do whatever she wants, for example, my body is my will and many other things that came to the fore in the Women's March 2020. Pakistan is an Islamic country. In it, women should be given freedom only according to Islam and not a woman in Pakistan should be given freedom according to western thinking. Every woman should have freedom to acquire knowledge. Political freedom should be economic freedom. There should be no such freedom for them to take undue advantage of the freedom given to them. Pakistan has its own culture. The woman of this region used to respect the shy man, but the hollow slogans of the West Today's woman is happy to look down on a man. The real reason is that some liberal women have changed the way women in our Pakistani society think that a woman is equal to a man. Rights should be obtained, but she does not know that these rights were given to these women by Islam fourteen hundred years ago. It gave women a place in society that a woman did not have before. Islam set a limit for both men and women that by staying within that limit a woman can do whatever Islam allows but the West Hollow slogans have tarnished the status and dignity of pakistani woman to such an extent that she has crossed all the boundaries set by islam by crossing Islamic boundaries and my body has crossed all the boundaries set by islam Definitely fight but don't cross Islamic boundaries

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