Online classes ; A big bluff

(Moiz Ahmed Siddiqui, Karachi)

The pandemic is defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge that we are facing. It has affected educational systems world wide leading to closure of Schools, Universities and Colleges etc. To fulfill the loss of studies government has decided to provide online schooling.In that case teachers providing online education through applications to their students. But it has affected Student's behavior in learning as they don't attend classes more attentively as compare to normal schooling routine.
On the other hand, students are being burdenized by bundles of assignments causing them to behave more irritated towards studies than normal. Moreover, in our country there is a big issue of loadshedding. So it's not a piece of cake for each and every student to attend online classes due to loadshedding. Furthermore, many of the class hours are being decided by teacher's flexibilities not a student's flexibility. Students should be provided the class schedule according to their ease and availability as well.
I would like to request the government authorities and education system to provide genuine study schedules, syllabus, trained teaching staff and cooperation. Also think about those students who can't afford internet packages, smartphones, laptops etc to participate in these class.

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