Don't slander fate.

(Sheeza Kanwal, Muridke)

I am not saying that destiny does not matter, but God has given every human being the right to make his own decisions in this world, which will be accounted for on the Day of Judgement.

Many people may disagree with me, many may be offended by my words for which I apologise from the beginning.What I am writing is just my thinking which can be refuted.As it is said, we have our own choice to follow the path of goodness and evil .If our destiny is pre-determined then how can we choose the path for ourselves. If the destiny of all is written by God Almighty with His own hand, then He is so cruel, unjust, that He may give one man all the comforts of life, every happiness, wealth, power and leave the other empty-handed. So in sight all are equal no big no small.When God endowed man with intellect and wisdom, He also allowed him to live his life as he wished.

When a person fails in something, he is asked to hide his mistake. What can be done if it was not written in the destiny and if one succeeds then the hard work was so much that he had to be successful.In short, writing all this means that please stop slandering God and destiny, because if a person starts following the destiny only, he will never oppress anyone, and God, who loves as much as seventy mothers, How can he do injustice?

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