Flaws In Online Education In Pakistan

(Areeba Siddiqui, Karachi)

Some people argue that the students have a notion that online education is one of the simplest ways of seeking knowledge without any trouble and time limitation; but that's not true any longer! As every coin has two sides, taking classes online may be beneficial in some ways but on the other hand it has some major drawbacks as well. There are a number of complications that arises in the case of studying online which have a direct impact on the aggregation of the provided education. As we go on we will discuss major issues faced by the students in the online education system.

Without a doubt online learning is something that helps you with your academic work at your fingertips without moving an inch from your sofa. Networked learning has many positive effects which is not our discussion today so skipping this we come straight to the point which is the flaws faced in the online systems of teaching. There are soo many major flaws which occur in between or before start learning through internet.

First, the major defect in studying online is the lack of verbal interaction between the tutor and the tutees.
There are many apps through which people can interact with each other no matter it the boss conducting a meeting with his or her employees or a teacher taking class of students however the fact that most online learning programs can only offer a one-way communication which means only teacher can deliver the lecture, students can ask any of their queries even though they are present in the online education program. This disadvantage is inevitable!

Second, the absence of live academic resources. Apparently, online learning means studying in isolation and without a set schedule and proper study timings and it demands strong self-motivation and self-discipline to be a good learner. This type of learning is totally not suitable for students who need regular and instant feedbacks from instructors. Absence of live resources results in the failure of receiving immediate feedbacks for students’ assignments and fieldwork studies. They may not have their problems and questions of the last lesson solved by professors or classmates as in a traditional class, which can function as a barrier in one’s learning. In case of receiving feedbacks, students have to wait for a long time, till the instructors review their work. In addition, according to the article “Pros and cons of distance learning”, whereas academic resources are supported in most conventional colleges/universities such as libraries, stadiums, study areas and laboratories, online learning environment is much more challenging.

Third, comes the technology difficulties. It is beyond doubt that online learning requires some equipment. In order for an effective learning an individual should know how to operate the online learning devices or the sites. Besides, power cutoff, failure in Internet server on any hardware issue can also make severe impacts on learning process. Last but not least, technical requirement may put great pressure on ones who are completely not computer-literate, which, in turn, might lead to stress and frustration.

On the whole, online studying may be effective in some way whereas it is defective in many other ways. To make sure that you learn deeply in the online education system you should pay know how to cope up with the flaws and look for some other alternative paths to be a successful learner.

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