A Flaw on the very first page made by Sindh textbook Board

(Abdul Samad, )

The 1st paragraph of the Class nine's 1st lesson showing different view in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

In recently published book of of 9th class by Sindh textbook board Jamshoro, "last prophet" words are are missing from the first Lesson "The last Sermon of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). though if we look at 2019's Publication. Our Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the last of all the prophets is clearly written as a 3rd sentence of 1st paragraph of 1st lesson. If we compare the both Publications, there are 7 to 8 sentences which are are same with no amendment but the third sentence is missing in recent publication.

It raises the question mark on the staff of textbook board Jamshoro. If we say that or consider that it is their visionary mistake, how can they be so careless and irresponsible? As after the verification and reading of 23 staff members and Proof reading of the appointed person had not observed a major flaw in text's content.

Authors include Prof. Fatima Shahabuddin, Ms. Rahila Waqar and Ms. Rehmat Ebrahim. Honorary contributors in reading include Ms. Adeeba Ahmed, Farhana Niaz Siddiqui, Afsheen Bashir, Mateen Ahmed Shaikh, Razia Azhar Shaikh and Shabana Iris.

Reviewers include Prof. Sayed Qalander Shah, Prof. Abdul Hadi Memon, Abdul Fahim Noonari, Rajesh Goshwani, Tahseen Malik, Ms. Shabana Iris, Prof. Fatima Shahabuddin, Sayed Saleh Muhammad Shah, Sudheer Ahmed Memon, Ajeeb Ahmed Noonari, Muhammad Ayaz Shah_Section incharge Abdul Wadood, Co-ordinator A. Faheem Noonari and proof reading was done by Ajeeb Ahmed Noonari.

It is somehow changing in book board's staff has also been observed few months ago. In 2019 Chairman of Sindh textbook board's (Patron in Chief) was Agha Sohail Pathan but at the present time this post belongs to Ahmed Baksh Narejo.

Before the appointment of the staff, there were five authors of the book namely Amina Khameesani, Irshad Anees, Mumtaz Abdullah, Muhammad Yaqoob Mughal and Mohsin Naqvi. But surprisingly these five authors were replaced by another three authors. Their names are mentioned earlier.

This mistake seems little but it is not much simple. It is the matter of our faith. As a matter of fact my mind is knocking me out since I have watched and compared the two books that, how is it possible that all the group of 23 people repeatedly not observed a big flaw in very first paragraph of the very first lesson of the 9th class???

In accordance with this matter, Allama Zia-ullah Sialvi says that "we'll refer to court including the name of Chairman( Patron-in- Chief) and all the involved staff and if government of Sindh ignores legal action against these people, we will be having a protest as our right."

A Muslim's basic believe is that none shares Allah's Authority and he is only one and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) is his last prophet.

As a Muslim, Pakistani and a student, I also request from respectable Sindh Government and honourable judiciary that legal action should be taken by doing a clear and transparent inquiry.

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