(Nuzhat Tariq, Karachi)

Almost all universities had started online classes after taking instruction from HEC. Private universities had great command in taking online classes, because of appreciable IT facilities. But for Government universities, online classes had created a lot of difficulties for students and faculty as well.

Load shedding had also played a commendable role by putting students more in trouble. Firstly students were having difficulty in accessing gadgets and internet. And when they were able to sort out these two problem, then because of unnecessary load shedding, students were unable in taking online classes properly.

Many students are not that much stable to afford a generator or electric free internet devices. In fact, so many teachers are not having these luxurious facilities.

Due to online classes in this pandemic, students had to suffer for almost 6 months.

And now when the universities are open, students are still in trouble. Because of the syllabus completion and assignments submission. Even the faculty don’t willing to cooperate with students. Corona is a pandemic for all human beings on this plant and students are also the part of this planet. So please cooperate with students because students are also badly affected by Corona virus.

Online classes were not easier and accessible to all. And load shedding (a never ending problem), made a lot of hindrance in taking online classes.

I request the government and HEC to propose any suggestion for covering university syllabus and please be gentle with university students.

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