Schools are reopening after lockdown

(Shaheena Naeem, Karachi)

Today,as we know that schools are reopening after lockdown all over Pakistan.some schools have not full attendance because children and parents are still afraid from corona . Although, students do have protect through all safety .but we can see their studies are not completed and examination are postpone during the lockdown.

In our society like ours,all blames are possible to government. Government has poor law and order, people do not go outside during the lockdown without masks and other safety .some institutions were opened online classes but there was not suitable instructors and teachers for guidance.

Furthermore,for online classes,all students and teachers did not have opportunity for home based teaching.students could do home schooling themselves but they are not much interested in studies.they wasted their previous time by the bogus internet games and rubbish materials on internet.These are not beneficial for students academic growth.

Even though,there is very much economy collapsed globally during the Lockdown.economy is the backbone of any country .if there is finance crises,no one can grow for education and business.its horrible for a country, prosperity will be and shelter issues are rising through this pandemic.

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