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(Abdul Samad, )

Outside view of Paras Science College

All of us have a unique experience of looking at different things and scenarios differently. As it was 3rd October yesterday and was my birthday. I use to make that day interesting every year by writing something I like or anything that inspires me. I do not believe in cutting the cake. Today, an idea of writing about my examplary college (Paras Science College Kandiaro) came to mind.

As as a student I have wandered here and there for quality education and better experience. After passing of matriculation, I was suggested to seek admission in "Paras Science College." I believe in observation that's why I asked for permission to sit in class for one day. So that I can experience the environment and teaching tactics of the teachers.

I observed discipline, Integrity, faithfulness, and a chain of selfless affection. I decided to continue my studies in this competent environment. I started my journey in the last of March 2017 and continued till completion of Intermediate in May 2019.

As far as, my observation is concerned, "Paras" always had a vision of conveying better to society and its concerned ones. I came to know that since last two years free coaching centre in evening is being run with zero fee, all the necessary equipment and extra-ordinary faculty. All the expenses were afforded by Sir Mursal Shah Rashidi the worthy Principal of Paras Science College.

I saw a great example of cleanliness, consistency and discipline out there.

No any school or college is comparable in my home district with the quality education, counselling, motivation and high performance caliber. Regular weekly and monthly tests, term vice papers, practical work and regular assessment was and is its first priority. Its teachers not just teach the bookish language but aware their students about society, culture and moral values. They not just produce doctors or engineers but civilised and responsible citizens with strong patriotic approach. They make their students aware about fields other than medical or engineering. I learned from there that "Whatever is your passion, should be your your profession."
"Paras" has more than 50 plus active teachers across its school and college.

There is no compromise in quality education and discipline. Sometimes one feels that its a cadet college. From Canteen, peon up to administration all are faithful with their work.
I do not know all the fifty plus teachers but I would like to mention those dignified teachers who have taught us in two years of intermediate level.

Sir Wali Muhammad Mangrio "A Ph.D scholar with vast knowledge and extra ordinary research background taught us Zoology. Along side Madam Faiza Larik "A teacher with heaps of experience and mind blowing compatibility with students mind." Madam Amna, "with remarkable practical approach and natural examples", taught us Botany.

Sir Zohaib Abass Samo, "a renowned personality in town for his grip over english language and grammar and fantastic way of delivering things of," taught us English. Along side Sir Muslim Gul and Sir Azeem Dehraj both have a smooth and dynamic approach over English. In Physics, Sir Abdul Hayee Panhwar and Sir Basheer Mallah with handy examples and practical approach made the difficult subject as easy as you like. Sir Riaz Ujjan a very decent chemistry specialist with unique way of delivering lecture with so much ease and understanding. Sir Irfan Lakho, very impressive Islamiat's teacher. Sir Masood a background provider and scenario covering PST's teacher. Sir Rana Munwar, a very fascinating teacher with legendary approach and decent grip over subject. Though, I was Pre-Medical's student but I used to ask different and tricky questions of Maths from Sir Ibadullah and Sir Junaid Rashidi. They both helped me in understanding tricky maths, very kind to all as well and well command over Mathematics. In coaching at evening, honorable Sir Shuhabudin Pirzado, an artist, veteran, magician and skilled English language trainer and teacher.

Madam Rabia Nangraj, a teacher with ability to simply deliver the concept of every topic as simple as you like, in such a dry subject of Chemistry. Sir Shafqat Gopang with lot of experience, dynamism, and very strong command over Physics helped us understanding its theme very well. Madam Samina Khaskheli with vast knowledge and effective and creative example giving approach helped us understanding Zoology to a greater extent.

In fact "Paras" has a diamond selective approach. All the teachers are well qualified, disciplined and profession lovers.

If I talk about administration of "Paras," it is really serious in providing all the basic facilities to its teachers, students and the concerned parents. They have a transparent goal of providing quality education with zero tolerance policy. That has made it successful since 22 years. "Excellence simply delivered" is goal of Sir Mazhar Shah Rashidi, Sir Dr.Mursal Shah Rashidi and Sir Arshad Shah Rashidi as administration of Worthy institution.

In reality I have gained such a respect and prestige from this institution, that made me to write.

I am Abdul Samad, and I believe we are not just students but "Parasians." Many people ask to me if I am the ambassador of Paras? And I always reply with "yes" because quality matters and efforts should be appreciated.

May ALLAH Almighty bless our Institution, administration and teachers with long, peaceful, contented, successful and mirthful life. Aameen

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