Blessings is the biggest success

(Ayesha Gulzar Malik, Karachi)

It's 2011 When some issue of my marksheet came up, I did not know anything In Karachi , so me and my mother went to the board office and there we found a person named Maxi.
He not only got my marksheet done but also told me that you have reached a very good place that I got you and could help you.The whole area is filled with Wolves ,People see only money here.I told him that I thank you very much Sir, you helped me The work that we were worried about for 3 week, you got it done in 1 day.

And he said don't thank me Thanking Allah and , just remember me in your prayers all your life, I want to say that even today you are included in my prayers, Incidentally when I went to board office, I came to know that you have retired Some noble people are present in the world even today as you and my mother also remember you.

May Allah bless you with your health and well-being, stay happy 👈
I don't know where you are but may allah Keep you in Faith.
It is enough to understand that money is not everything.If we join someone's blessings for life, So this is the biggest success of our life more than everything ❤

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