How to apply for PEC card registration or renewal? What is the PEC online registration process?

(Faizanullah Hussainy, Karachi)

Pakistan Engineering Council or PEC is the professional body for the regulation of the engineering profession and the accreditation of engineering education. Each year, several students apply for the Pakistan Engineering Council registration after completing their bachelor’s degrees. Below, you can check the complete PEC registration process in 2020 and 2021 for Registered Engineer and Professional Engineer.

What is the difference between a Professional Engineer and a Registered Engineer?
A registered Engineer is a person who means a person who is graduated from an Engineering program. However, a Professional Engineer is a person who is registered with PEC through Engineering Practice Examination (EPE) or an interview.

How To Apply For Registered Engineer?
Pakistan Engineering Council is providing the option of online registration to Engineering graduates. However, an interested person should visit // for online PEC registration. He/she should make an account on the website for that purpose. However, people who are already registered can update their data.

Which documents are required for PEC registration renewal?
The following documents are needed for the renewal application:

    • Photograph with white or blue background
    • CNIC
    • Fee Receipt (If lifetime subscription not paid)
    • Signature

What are the PEC registration charges for fresh Engineers?
Currently, there are no charges for fresh graduates.

What are the PEC lifetime subscription charges?
The PEC lifetime subscription charges are Rs 1,000 which means that PEC registered engineers can avail the lifetime subscription including all arrears in this price.

What are the benefits of PEC registration?
It is compulsory for all engineering graduates of PEC recognized engineering colleges and universities to get the PEC registration. However, registration for professional engineers is mandatory for genuine engineering graduates. An engineer cannot take professional engineering work unless registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

What is the difference between BE, BS, and BSC (Engineering)?
There is no difference and these nomenclatures are used by different universities.

Can a B.Tech degree holder apply for PEC registration?
B.Tech is not equivalent to Bachelors of Engineering; therefore Pakistan Engineering Council does not register them.

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