Peace journalism for conflict repotting

(GulAfshan Mirjat, Hyderabad)

Peace journalism has been development from research that indicates that often news about conflict has a value bias toward violence journalism about conflict that has a value bias towards violence and violent group.

Peace journalism aims to correct for these biases it's operational definition is to opportunities for society at large to consider and value non violent responses to conflict peace journalism reports to illustrate how the same story can be reported in either style and that there is the potential to produce, an example from the Hindustan times showing how peace journalism can also operate through awards and commendations publishing and supporting the work of non violence and cooperative conflict resolution.

Peace journalism has around a number of debates and criticisms from scholars and journalism and many international negotiation exports and peace practitioners note the importance of non violent confrontation and the equalization of power before effective negotiation and dialogue between parties can take place,

For example prior to the presidential election of 2009 in Afghanistan the counter insurgency approach advocated by US commander general McCrystal contained elements of relationship building to a degree that is unusual among millitary approaches in Afghanistan in the lead up to the presidential election in Afghanistan in mid 2009 an unusual example of this relationship sensitive approach to counter was applied by us troops in the Nawa district of Helmand province however the over whelming majority of attention that Nawa district received in 2009 the year that this new strategy was first applied was on reports of violence there principals in early to mid July during intensified millitary operations for example in 2009 seven out of ten articles in the Washington Post online tagged under the key word Nawa,

Peace journalism promoting peace with justice and respect for human rights,
Peace journalism aims to retain the role of observer in reporting conflict rather than functioning like war journalism which intervenes in conflict to increase the influence of violent actor's and violent actions peace journalism by presenting anomalous local perspective which contradict violence exacerbating war journalism.

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