A Teacher whom I always admire (Ma'am Faiza Larik)

(Abdul Samad, Karachi)

After completion of my Matriculation from my hometown. I started my college at Paras Science College. After two to three months of my admission a Zoology's female teacher came to our class for demonstration. Whole the class was satisfied with the outcome. She started taking our classes from the very next day.

As the time passed I came to know about our Zoology's teacher.

Her name is Ma'am Faiza Larik. She was born on 15th of July in 1988. She belonged to a well educated and noble family. She brought up in her own village named Mole dino Larik (A small village, near kandiaro, in District Naushahro Feroze, Sindh). She completed her Intermediate education in 2005 and completed MSc with 4 out of 4 CGPA in 2010 from University of Sindh (Jamshoro). Her posture seems very strict, with about 6 feet height, a fair face and glasses on eyes. We didn't know anything about her but with the passage of time, we realised that she is a good teacher who gives her 100% and want the same from students as well. As rightly said behind every intellectual person there's a story.

Actually her life was totally changed when her father died on 16th April 2010.

After the death of her father she and her family faced world as strangers. She started teaching at Bahria Foundation college but a new tragedy was waiting for her. Her mother was died on16th of February 2012. Parents left a house with 3 of her siblings including two sisters and a brother. She was the elder of all four. At the time of her Father's death, her younger sister was just studying in fourth standard, her younger brother was in 2nd Standard. Another sister was also not very mature at that time. She has to survive with her three siblings, with no male in the house, with very little pension of father. She just made her mind to continue her teaching and started feeding and caring her younger siblings with parentage care. She sacrificed her wishes, needs, and everything for her siblings. She realized that world is a bitter place without parents. She was affected with cramps (a muscular disease). I remember she writes with straight hands till today. She was ignored, she was taunted, she was neglected but she stood still and steadfast as a rock. She got her sister married leaving herself single. After teaching about five years in Bahria Foundation College she left from there and joined our College named Paras Science College. She educated her siblings, a sister of her is a University student and younger brother has also started university. She has performed all her responsibilities with great affection and zeal. And in this year on 19th of December she got married with a Gentle man Sir Masood our Pakistan studies teacher (a graduate from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad). She has not just taught us the academic lessons but moral and ethical lessons as well. She has taught thousands of students in the decade and most of the students like her very much for her affection towards teaching, for her her motivation level, for her struggle and for her steadfastness. As a Student she has motivated me at every platform and at every step. She is a source of endless inspiration and motivation for me and for thousands of other students. I am obliged to have the teachers like Ma'am Faiza Larik.

She has given the lesson of bravery, courage and steadfastness to our youngsters not by uttering words but by her actions. Hope for your brightest, happiest, contented, mirthful and successful life. May my mentor, my Teacher and my elder sister live long and lead a healthy life.

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