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Way of Sexual Harassment

The word harassment mean to threat, intimidation, Race, sexual orientation physical pressurize to women or men on any issue or try to gain ulterior motive. In new amendment in 2018, there are few words to substitute or slightly change in Harassment Act-2010. The word harassment has been special spoken for women rights but in new amendment men is also included in this category. In my sense it is very complicate act. There are lots of difficulties are being facing to implement this law. There are various touch stone which shall observe into depth are need to require sensitivity to elaborate this law. It is very special law for protection of women rights at workplace. There are two types of category is available for workplace environment i.e, employer and employee. This act is also following Industrial Relation Act-2010, which has been implementing as its true spirits.

The forums of appeal are specific on aforementioned Act to file before the Ombudsperson (women) and men for Ombudsman secretariat. According to Harassment Act-2010 any aggrieved personal shall file appeal within 30 days. The aforementioned limitation shall not exceed thirty days to challenge at any forum. The rule of civil procedure code-1908 is also follow as it is. The issuance of Summon, evidence, investigation and burden of prove relay upon prosecution. It is pertinent to mentioned here that act it will partially follow the rules of CR.PC and partially civil nature. On the other hand, the prosecution should rely upon evidence. Who have filed harassment suit should convince the court beyond the shadow of doubts. It is most essential for successes of the appellant.

Now come to the point, the harassment are various types, Race, sexual orientation, physical injury, religious, mental torture and personal touch stone. I have try to more elaborate this topic in easy way, the touching hands into private part of women body or any part is called harassment. The lavish language to out spoken to the women is also under harassment. The women harasses especially in workplace is common crime. If anyone threat or intimidation to women is fall in harassment. If anyone trying to put physical injury then it is more serious offence. Now accused if proved guilty then it is punishable for sentence as well as fine. The rules of harassment are very strict as compare to other special laws. This act is generating self protection and given empowerment to women to aware their rights to become independent.

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