Why a child is not resecured?

(Anum Rizvi, )

It has been a long time now we are hearing stories of a child being abused, either emotionally, mentally, physically or any other way. Unfortunately, the case remains top of the town for days, weeks or months but eventually it does not last longer. We as a society are so immune to such acts now that people do marches, raise voices then sit back after some time, the question rises why?

What are the reasons behind this? Maybe because lack of support from government or high authorities. There are numerous stories in which the culprit is not given punishment or they escape from the case by giving money or by having contacts with big people. Culprits are so fearless or reckless now that they don’t even think about the consciousness they would face after the attempt. The other reason could be parents or elders not teaching the child about it. Awaring children about this act can solve so many issues and help in demolishing the act as well but the bitter we face that speaking up about this consider a matter of shame or embarrassment in our society. The bond between a child or parent is not strong enough so a child finds it awkward or hesitate sharing it. They most of the time fear how their parent would react. In most cases this act is done by a trustworthy member/person it gets difficult for a child to convey fearing that whether they would be listened or not.

Lack of confidence in a child makes him or her a victim. In certain cases, if a child speaks up, he or she are instructed to not share it with anyone and unfortunately no action takes place against the act. Depression can also be the reason of child abuse, if we talk about Pakistan particularly, poverty leads people towards depression because people are unable to meet their economical needs. Parent/guardians usually don’t divert attention towards domestic staff at home. Many cases report in which the culprit turns out to be trustworthy caretaker.

The list goes on and on of the reason. This could be stopped if we bring change or guide ourselves first. In my opinion, conducting sessions with children or giving them the knowledge of good and bad touch. Incase if a child becomes a victim now he/she respond to the situation by rescuing themselves and sharing it with closest person.
By: Syeda Anam Fatima


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