Inflation is like a storm for poor people

(Farwa Tauras, )

When the cost of living increases as compared to income, inflation rises. Even a small amount of money is called inflation in the economy. Every department and institution in Pakistan has become dangerously corrupt. The rupee is depreciating against the dollar. In this economic chaos, it does not seem possible to keep commodity prices under control. Numerous taxes are also causing prices to rise. Stockpiling, illegal black marketing and supply disruptions also lead to inflation. Unsustainable foreign loans also weaken economies. Excessive printing of banknotes to cover government expenditures and economic deficits also spreads inflation. Unequal distribution of wealth also increases inflation as rich people turn to less resourceful people which leads to inflation. Economic instability cannot end unless the government prioritizes economic stability over self-interest. People's sources of income have already been reduced by less than half due to the negative effects of the corona virus. The most affected is the lower class who live in rented houses. Rising rents for houses and shops over the last ten years have also led to a steady rise in demand, which no government has ever tried to control. Has any legislation ever been enacted in this regard? Hunger and poverty and severe food crises have begun to rise globally. The scourge of inflation in many parts of the world has left people in dire straits. This situation of inflation has opened a terrible mouth. This terrible situation has gripped Pakistan badly. In a few years, the prices of daily necessities have multiplied. Education, medicine, rent, daily necessities are getting out of reach of the poor. Is there no health, no education, no housing for the poor? Many people are being forced to commit suicide due to inflation. The country's poorest people are forced to sell their kidneys, while due to poverty and high prices, many parents have started selling their children. In addition, poor parents have been stabbing their children to death.

Rising fees of private hospitals, doctors and schools and expensive medicines are also a major source of inflation. Both health and education are the responsibility of the government but unfortunately there are government hospitals or schools in the country where the quality of treatment and education is low. Inferior people give birth to inferior offspring and, thus, propagate their inferiority. In addition to the taxes levied on the public, the state provides health care and education to the elite. In these circumstances, the elite has crushed the low-income classes۔ Inflation and the food crisis around the world have robbed countless peoples joy and smiles.

Before the election, the present government made many promises which it could not fulfill. Inflation is rising day by day and salaries are stagnant. As a result, the people are facing difficulties. If everything goes on like this, it will not be the case that the poor people will go on hunger strike and the situation will get worse. Rising inflation is also due to the fact that everything, whether it is food or clothing, is being taxed. Previous governments have been very corrupt and borrowed from abroad as a result of which the present government is taxing everything and breaking the backs of the people. Inflation is sweeping the people like a flood relay, drowning those who are unlikely to swim.

To make life easier for the common man, to establish a government writ and to realize the dream of a welfare state, it is necessary to solve the problems of 97% of the people. Ninety-seven percent of those who are exposed to real inflation and those who are affected by artificial inflation. Because vulnerable people suffer from it, it has never been seriously addressed in a systematic way. Paints have been painted in every era but no lasting steps have been taken till date which is why the people continue to be humiliated by the mafia. It would be better if the government set up an independent and sovereign body to control and supply food prices. This institution should be free from any kind of political interference and work to make the life of the people easier. The government has the opportunity to do this revolutionary work. If this happens then the problem of inflation can be solved in a better way. If we look at the current situation, inflation has affected the common man a lot. Difficulties have increased and Prime Minister Imran Khan has had to come to the fore after receiving complaints every day and poor performance of the concerned agencies. He directed the task force of the Chief Secretary Punjab and the Price Control Committee to control inflation with full powers and eradicate illegal profiteers as well as hoarders. The steps taken by the Chief Secretary Punjab and the Price Control Committee Task Force will be overseen by the Prime Minister himself. In the last few months, the people have been facing serious problems in providing and availability of food items at reasonable prices. Food prices have been rising, but efforts have not been able to control them. Why is this happening, is it not an administrative failure, is it that they are moving forward without understanding the problems, is it not that the government is afraid to take tough decisions in the matter of inflation. It is not that opposition to such measures from within the party does not succeed in any campaign against inflation, it is not that the government is entangled in other issues ignoring the biggest problem of the people. Whatever the reason, it is a fact that inflation has taken place and due to lack of proper and timely measures, artificial inflation has made the lives of the people miserable. The administration has not played its role or the illegitimate profiteers have sucked the blood of the people. Whatever the reason, the burden is on the common man from all sides. Government needs to resolve this inflation situation otherwise in future general public will met more crises.


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